Produced by Resurgence Productions

Creator/Writer: Jenna Cosgrove
Producers: Jenna Cosgrove, Briar Rose, Thomas Petrakos
Directors: Jenna Cosgrove, Briar Rose, Thomas Petrakos
Cinematographer: Andrea Joshua Asnicar

Released: April 18, 2020 (youtube)

In a strict dystopian society controlled by an all-seeing AI that kills or expels any citizen who breaks its rules, a group of rebels try to outwit the authorities, take down the system, and win their freedom from its brutal oppression. (7x9min)
Gary SweetGeoff Maxwell
Briar RoseMia
Liam HowarthRick
Michaela CelesteCassie
Sandy MorrisonKaren
Daisy MastermanPatsy
Abigail KingMeredith
Jeni BezuidenhoutRay
Jonathan WeirAndrew
Adam RowlandJackson
Jeffery RichardsSilas
Malith JayFinnegan
Mitchell BrotzSamuel
Kadey McintoshBrianna
Benji GroenewegenPercy
Maree BarnettElaine
Chloe TowanBeth

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