Produced by Crawford Productions

Producers: Henry Crawford

Aired: 1977, 1979 (26 episodes)

Dr Peter Ramsay, a young veterinarian, whose only position has been at a large Sydney racehorse practice, takes a job as a locum to an old vet in the country town of Jindarra. It's not easy going, the locals are attached to old Doc Lambert and think Peter is too young, too inexperienced. In series two Peter finds himself left in sole charge of the Jindarra Veterinary Practice after the death of Doc Lambert. His job is not made any easier by the resignation of his nurse/receptionist, Julie.
John HargreavesDr Peter Ramsay
Barbara LlewellynJulie Lambert
Serge LazareffRanger Ray Turner
Vic GordonDr Jack Lambert
Louise HowittCassie McCallum
Cast Photo

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