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Alexandra Davies

Family matters

Alexandra Davies says family is important to her as it is to her crimebusting alter ego on Young Lions

Like her Young Lions character Donna Parry, Alexandra (or Alex, as she likes to be called) Davies counts her friends and family as the most important things in her life. But while Donna has moved far away form her relatives, Alex’s still feature very heavily in her life. In fact, the actor mentions her mother Marlyn quite often while speaking to TV WEEK about her new role.

“The most important things in life for me are my health, my family and my friends,” says Alex. “I would do anything for them.”

With an extended family similar to the Brady Bunch, Alex says that even though her family are scattered all over the world, they remain incredibly close.

“I’ve got step-brothers, step-sisters, half-brothers, half-sisters and step-parents but, at the end of the day, we’re all very close. I’m particularly close to my mother and I also have a very close relationship with my older brother Lewis.

“He’s a year older than me, and we were inseparable when we were kids. When I was growing up I was always hanging out with my big bro. We travelled around a bit when I was younger and there were never any girls in the street to play with, so I was sort of taken under the wing by Lewis.”

While Alex herself has been given the gift of the gab, she jokes that Lewis “can talk a glass eye to sleep”.

“He’s an outrageous fellow,” she laughs. “He’s good fun and has a lot of energy, like me. So it’s very exciting when we get together.”

With plenty of energy to spare, Alex says when she’s not working on Young Lions she’s striking a pose in her yoga class or tearing along bike paths on her brand new bicycle.

“I just bought a new bike,” she adds. “I love the sun. I’m like my mum in that respect. We’re originally from the UK, and I think a lot of people from there worship the sun. I’m a real Aussie girl now because I’ve been here since I was five years old, but the minute the suns’ out, I’m out there.

At the same time, now I’ve got to find something that allows me to slow down and relax. Because I have such a high-paced work schedule I need something that provides a bit of balance.”

While she says she’s still looking for something to help her really tune out. Alex often turns to music at the end of a stressful day on the set. As well as being an accomplished singer/songwriter, she also plays the keyboard and the flute.

“It’s a hobby,” says Alex, before pointing out that she’s not looking to become the next Kylie Minogue or Holly Valance, Neighbours’ latest actor-turned-singing sensation.

“It’s great for me as an outlet different to acting. I’ve always loved singing and I was in the Australian youth Choir when I was younger. I’ve also done a lot of singing and dancing classes in my youth.

“I’ve always loved getting up on a stage and singing a song or performing in a show. To me it’s a creative outlet; it’s a time just to be free and give it a go without trying to be the next Kylie. I’m not interested in the slightest in going down that path.”

By Erin Craven
July 27, 2002
TV Week