Produced by Playmaker Media

Executive Producer: David Maher, David Taylor
Producers: Tom Hoffie, Judi McCrossin
Directors: Daina Reid, Mat King, Jennifer Leacey
Head Writer: Judi McCrossin

Airing: September 2016... (Ten)

Bridget Jones kept a diary, but Lily Woodward has a whole rulebook for life. It's just not quite panning out as written — yet. THE WRONG GIRL is an urban rom-com brimful of exuberance, optimism and cheeky energy. Our hero Lily is a modern woman caught between two guys — one too good to be true and the other so wrong he might just be Mr Right… Based on the best-selling book by Zoë Foster Blake.
Jessica MaraisLily Woodward
Ian MeadowsPete Barnett
Rob CollinsJack Winters
Hayley MagnusSimone Bryant
Kerry ArmstrongMimi Meylan
Craig McLachlanEric Albrectson
Madeleine WestErica Jones
Cecelia PetersAlice Felton-Smith
Christie Whelan BrowneNikkii Steadman
Hamish BlakeHamilton
Doris YounaneSasha Kirk
Steve VizardAnthony Woodward
Kevin HarringtonIvan Barnett
Leah VandenbergMeredith Vadivelu
Hugo Johnstone-BurtVincent Woodward
David WoodsDale
Natalie BassingthwaigteGillian (series 2)
Cast Photo

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