Woodley: episode guide

The Story So Far


Episode 1
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 (ABC1)
Written by Frank Woodley
Directed by Trent O'Donnell

Woodley (Frank Woodley) is the chaotic and accident prone, yet devoted father of seven-year-old Ollie (Alexandra Cashmere). Recently divorced, his ex-wife Em (Justine Clarke) couldn't live amongst the chaos but Woodley secretly hopes that one day he'll win her back and they'll be a family again.

But with Em's new boyfriend Greg (Tom Long) on the scene, it's not going to be easy. For Em, Greg is reliable and focused, everything that Woodley wasn't while they were married, and it doesn't take long for Greg to slip easily into the fabric of their lives. Woodley struggles to come to terms with Em's new relationship and endeavours to prove to Em that he's still worthy of her love. Ollie loves her dad to bits and Woodley's determined to never let her down or for her to lose the special spot in her heart she holds just for him.

But as Greg's affection for Em grows, and Em in turn sees a possible future with Greg, will Woodley be able to win Em back before it's too late?

In the first episode, we learn why Woodley's marriage went all wrong and see Woodley at work at his latest job, handing out flyers for an egg factory — dressed as an egg. On the day of Ollie's school concert, Woodley finds himself stuck in the egg suit. Not wanting to let Ollie down, Woodley's determined to make it... egg suit and all.

Guest Starring: Ben McLenzie as Warehouse Manager

With: Damian McInerney, Molly Lynch, Virginia Bennett, Michelle Rogers, Paige Draffin, Laurent Boulanger, Maya Metz, Clint Dodd, Russell Frost



Episode 2
Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Written by Frank Woodley
Directed by Trent O'Donnell

Em has tickets to a fashion show, so Ollie's staying the night at her dad's. But when she realises that she has left Fuzzby, her much loved toy at home, she refuses to sleep without it. Anxious to keep his promise to Em, and have Ollie asleep by 9 o'clock, Woodley and Ollie head off to the Zebedy fashion show to find Em.

Without tickets Woodley and Ollie sneak in backstage, but when Woodley accidently ruins the models' runway looks, they are chased out by a seriously unhinged Zebedy. They head back to Em's house, unaware that they are being tailed by a hopping-mad Zebedy. He's hell bent on seeking revenge for his ruined masterpieces.

Guest Starring: Dion Mills as Zebedy, Marty Fields as Eric

With: Naomi Kissiedu, Flora Blails, Sophie Roulle, Domenic Brancatisano, Milica Vujic, Joss Gower, Paul Reid



Episode 1.03
Wed, March 07, 2012
Written by Frank Woodley
Directed by Trent O'Donnell

When Woodley's long suffering psychologist reveals that he plans to share Woodley's case with a new colleague Dr Fisher, Woodley is unconcerned. Back at Em's house, Woodley meets Em's new boyfriend Greg. When he learns that Greg is actually Dr Greg Fisher — the very psychologist who is about to learn all of Woodley's intimate stories and secret fears — Woodley feels sick.

At the first chance he gets Woodley breaks into his psychologist's rooms to try and steal his own file. He nearly succeeds, but not before Greg stops by to pick up a golf club and accidently Woodley's file along with it. After he follows Greg to the golf course, a series of comic accidents result in a magnificently sozzled Woodley joining him for a round. Will our plastered hero even remember his top priority is to get his hands on his file before Greg has a chance to read it.

Guest Cast: Tom Long as Greg, John Leary as Coach Carmichael, Simon Rogers as Dr Schwartz, Robyn Arthir as Nanna Prue

With: Telia Neville, Marcus Vickich, Peter Prenga, Annie Morris, Simon Yates

Big Top Magnifique


Episode 1.04
Wed, March 14, 2012
Written by Frank Woodley
Directed by Trent O'Donnell

During a trip to the circus, a fearful Woodley backs out of taking part in a juggling act involving machetes. Much to Em and Ollie's delight Greg steps up to the challenge, leaving Woodley feeling a little deflated.

Woodley ends up taking a job at the circus as a general hand but he really wants to be part of the teeterboard act in the hope of impressing Ollie. Unfortunately even after months spent training, he still lacks the courage and skill required. With the help of the teeterboard team, he creates the illusion of being part of the act, all the while hiding in the wings. When Ollie finds out she is crushed.

But when a fire breaks out in the circus and a baby is stranded in a burning caravan 50 feet off the ground, Woodley doesn't think twice as he sets off to save the baby.

Guest Cast: Tom Long as Greg, Lawrence Mooney as Barker, Simon Yates as Vladimir, Kristof Kaczmarek as Antoine, Josephine Eberhard as Vera, Kate Jason-O'Modei as Mother Barker, Henry O'Donnell as Baby Barker, Joel Salom as Juggler #1, Per Westman as Juggler #2, Jo-Ann Lancaster as Natasia; Sophie Wilkinson, BRee Le Cornu and Shane Witt as Teeter-board Artists

With: Flynn Rutherford, Paris Wilson, Lilith Fraser, Julia Perrot Clarke, Madeleine Stow, Sean Beattie, Jacob Griffiths, Daryl Suter, Richard McNay

Circus acts courtesy of Silvers Circus: The Wheel of Steel: Phoenix Harrison, Hat Juggler: Ricardo De Araujo, Roman RIngs: Rosita Gasser, WIre Walker: Emma Avery

Vern's Last Gig


Episode 1.05
Wed, March 21, 2012
Written by Frank Woodley
Directed by Trent O'Donnell

Woodley's distraught when his grandfather Vern, suffers a near fatal heart attack. While his grandfather is hospitalised, Woodley does his best to lift Vern's spirits, much to the annoyance of his grandfather's pessimistic doctor who diagnoses that Vern has only a few months to live and should take it easy.

Making the most of what time Vern has left, Woodley encourages him to play one last gig with his old band. One by one, Woodley tracks down the surviving members and they agree to join Vern for a final show. With costumes made, a hall booked, will Vern be well enough to perform one last time?

Guest Cast: Jack Charles as Vern, Phil Lloyd as Dr Plimpton, Tom Travers as Edgar, Dennis Coard as Myles, Bob Sedergreen as Leonard, Robin Collins as Gertrude

With: Patricia Judah, Dawn Klingberg, Ra Chapman

The Funeral


Episode 1.06
Wed, March 28, 2012
Written by Frank Woodley
Directed by Trent O'Donnell

An upset Woodley struggles to tell Ollie about Vern's death. With the support of Em, he pushes forward with the funeral arrangements wanting everything to be just perfect. Before he died, Vern requested that his favourite guitar be buried with him and Woodley is distraught when he sees it missing from Vern's casket at the church.

Greg kindly offers to drive Woodley back to the funeral home to retrieve the guitar. On the way, Woodley discovers an engagement ring in the car and his worst fears are confirmed — Greg wants to marry Em.

During the funeral service, Woodley becomes increasingly annoyed with Greg and the tension between them eventually explodes.

Guest Cast: Tom Long as Greg, Jack Charles as Vern, Christine Keogh as Pauline, Reg Gorman as Priest

With: Lesley Coleman, Chrissie Leigh, Nesina Viola

Dad Day


Episode 1.07
Wed, April 04, 2012
Written by Frank Woodley
Directed by Trent O'Donnell

It's Dad Day at Ollie's school, and Woodley's keen to make a good impression. Dressed as a policeman Woodley tries to convince Ollie's class that he's a fearless officer of the law.

So when a group of young thugs enter the yard and start vandalising school property, everyone turns to Woodley the policeman to take action. Woodley ends up bribing the thugs to go along with his charade but when the real police turn up, his disguise is blown.

Later that day, when Woodley returns to the school, he sees the same thugs breaking in. Woodley calls the police, but can't stand by and watch them tear the school apart, so he jumps into action.

Guest Cast: Tom Long as Greg, Heidi Arena as Estras Casting Director, Justin Kennedy as Mr Crispen, Stephen Hayden as Builder Dad, Sacha Joseph as Teacher, Alex Breden as Simmo, Ethan Brivik as Maggot, Anthony Littlechild as Browney

With: Jy Ladhams, Ryan Coffey, Harley Durst, Simon Yates, David Coussins, Michael Gotze, Joss Gower, Paul Reid, Ra Chapman

The Wedding


Episode 1.08
Wed, April 11, 2012
Written by Frank Woodley
Directed by Trent O'Donnell

Woodley, Em, and Ollie find themselves accidently locked inside a display home for the night.

When Woodley discovers a means of escape he chooses to keep it to himself so he can continue to enjoy this illusion of a happy family. Em is marrying Greg the next day, and Woodley realises that it's his last chance to tell her how he feels.

In an attempt to win her back, Woodley writes Em a heartfelt love song but before he can sing it to her he realises — if he really loves her he has to do the right thing. In a mad dash across town Woodley does the most painful thing he's ever done. He helps Em get to the wedding.

Guest Cast: Tom Long as Greg, Christine Keogh as Pauline, Marty Fields as Eric, Finegan Sampson as Damien, Eva Johansen as Real Estate Agent, Kristof Kaczmarek as Antoine

With: Robbie Clissold, Simon Yates, Andy Carrol, Richard McNay