Wonderland: episode guide

Equal Rights


Episode 1.12
Wed, November 06, 2013
502,000 viewers (20th)
Written by Samantha Strauss
Directed by Jo O'Saughnessy

Dani faces one of her biggest emotional challenges when her mother invites her to her gay wedding. Helena is getting married to her long-term partner — the woman she left Dani's father for. It might have happened seventeen years ago but Dani still refuses to attend the commitment ceremony. Will they find a resolution? When Tom learns about Adam's backward ideas, he sets out to expose him, leading to a moment with Miranda. Looking after Dani's dad makes Maggie realise she will always be Warwick's wife, divorce or not. Grace is perturbed by the revelation that Carlos has dabbled with the other sex.

Starring: Anna Bamford as Miranda Beaumont, Michael Dorman as Tom Wilcox, Emma Lung as Colette Riger, Tracy Mann as Maggie Wilcox, Glenn McMillan as Carlos Dos Santos, Ben Mingay as Rob Duffy, Tim Ross as Steve Beaumont, Brooke Satchwell as Grace Barnes, Jessica Tovey as Dani Varvaris

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Roy Billing as Peter Varvaris, Tom O'Sullivan as Adam Evans, Gia Carides as Helena, Roxane Wilson as Kate, Odessa Young as Lucy, Guillermo Benjamin as Julio, Roberto Meza Mont as Mateas, Diana Mclean as Celebrant, Patrick Chong-Nee as DJ

Music: "Magnet" performed by Kate Cebrano, "Love" performed by G Love, "Brighter Than Gold" performed by The Cat Empire, "Is This How You Feel?" performed by The Preatures, "Disco Inferno" performed by Marcia Hines, "Message To My Girl" performed by Split Enz



Episode 1.13
Wed, November 13, 2013
626,000 viewers (13th)
Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Tori Garrett

Tom finally decides to tell Miranda about the bet, but the message never gets through as he is prevented by a series of unlucky events... and Steve's concerns for his sister. Rob and Colette's vow renewal threatens to become a disaster when he intercepts messages from her ex-lover; Carlos drops the L word, and Grace tries to give him the message she's not ready for it.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Peter Phelps as Warwick, Dorje Swallow as The Barista, Brett Sheerin as Motorbike Cop, Shaun Martindale as Builder

Music: "Lightning Bolt" performed by Jake Bugg, "Around Here" performed by Thelma Plum, "Hey Now" performed by London Grammar, "Long Way Down" performed by Daniel Lee Kendall, "From Afar" performed by Vance Joy

Note: the remaining 9 episodes of the 22-episode first series will air in 2014 with a second series to follow.

Relationship Status


Episode 1.14
Wed, August 13, 2014
519,000 viewers (-)
Written by James Walker
Directed by Tori Garrett

When Rob changes his online status to Separated, a devastated Colette forces him to make a call on their marriage. Miranda, Tom and Steve are still at loggerheads over the bet, until Steve forces Tom to move on with another woman. Dani and Steve have a heated boys-vs-girls debate, Maggie's doomed attempt to make a new male friend sees her break her silence with Warwick, and a nervous Grace introduces Carlos to her parents with mixed results.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Peter Phelps as Warwick Wilcox, Dorje Swallow as The Barista, Kate Raison as Katherine Barnes, Kim Knuckey as Mitchell Barnes, David Whitney as Miles, Shad'ae Magson as Maddie

Music: "Featherstone" performed by The Paper Kites, "You've Got Something" performed by The Jungle Giants, "Ohio" performed by Kingswood, "Play With Fire" performed by Vance Joy, "Wonderful You" performed by Bob Evans

Standing In Line


Episode 1.15
Wed, August 20, 2014
532,000 viewers (20th)
Written by Marieke Hardy
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Dani is queueing for bread when she inadvertently puts her job on the line. Rob drags Tom out to a nightclub, determined to meet a girl, get laid and put his marriage behind him. Carlos fears Grace is putting a new male colleague ahead of him when she throws a 70s party in his honour. Miranda is dangerously intrigued by Tom's old flame when Maggie and Colette spark her curiosity. Colette moves out... and into a new phase of life alone.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Ewen Leslie as Nick Deakin, Megan Gale as Amelia Windsor, Sophie Katinis as Lucinda Fonesca, Damien Strouthos as Jay Duffy, Marianne Howard as Charity Woman, Lydia Sarks as Leigh Burrows, Adam Maher as Leigh's Boyfriend

Music: "I Love The Nightlife" performed by Alicia Bridges, "When A Fire Starts To Burn" performed by Disclosure, "Summer Dream" performed by Neosound Lab, "Take Me" performed by Rufus, "Get Lucky" performed by Daft Punk Ft. Pharrell Williams, "Promises" performed by The Presets, "Boardwalks" performed by Little May

Fear Of Missing Out


Episode 1.16
Wed, August 27, 2014
642,000 viewers (17th)
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Caught between Carlos' jealousy and Nick's effortless charm, Grace decides she needs to get rational or risk missing out on Mr Right. Rob's fear of missing out leads him to join the party when Colette throws FAT Night at her new place. Dani is waiting on a call-back for a job... and refuses to go anywhere without her phone. Tom puts his friendship with a sick Miranda back on track when he steps into a paparazzi gig and saves the day.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Ewen Leslie as Nick Deakin, George Koutros as Security Guy, James Pratt as Baker, Luke Timmins as Photographer, Tanja Dusseldorp as Janelle

Music: "Make Believe" performed by Sleepy Tea, "Waves" performed by Electric Guest, "The Answer" performed by Kodaline, "Mexico" performed by Little May

First World Problems


Episode 1.17
Wed, September 03, 2014
Ratings: ?
Written by Kirsty FIsher
Directed by Peter Salmon

Rob's depression is highlighted when Harry reveals an unexpected side to his personal life. Miranda and Tom argue over charity but share a special connection when night falls. Torn between two jobs, Dani finally realises she has more than enough fashion in her life. Grace is pursued by Nick but she keeps him at arms length with her five-date rule.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Ewen Leslie as Nick Deakin, Lydia Sarks as Leigh Burrows, Marion D. Baird as Trish Hewitt, Michael Whalley as Homeless Tony, Leanne Mackessy as Claire, Shannon Still as Martha

Music: "I Like Giants" performed by Kimya Dawson, "Take A Card" performed by The Preatures, "Shake That Thing" performed by Ash Grunwald, "Dreams Of You And Me" performed by Amanda Merdzan



Episode 1.18
Wed, September 10, 2014
478,000 viewers (-)
Written by Nick King
Directed by Peter Salmon

Maggie gets a shock when Warwick admits there is a rival for his affections on the homefront. When Miranda has a hot fantasy about Tom, she decides its time to put some distance between them. Colette takes off her wedding ring when Rob puts monogamy behind him with a temptress from his past. Steve's loyalty is tested when he is head-hunted by a rival company. Grace keeps a firm rein on her progression with her dishy colleague Nick.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Peter Phelps as Warwick Wilcox, Ewen Leslie as Nick Deakin, Mia Pistorius as Jade Montgomery, Helen Thomson as Jacqui Page, Lydia Sark as Leigh Burrows, Zindzi Okenyo as Maxy Slipper, Leanne Mackessy as Claire, Simon London as Ed

Music: "Lion" performed by Eugene Mcguinness, "Dream Of Me" performed by Kristina Train, "Hurricane" performed by Vydamo, "Brand New Day" performed by Kodaline, "Night Swimmer" performed by Beth Jeans Houghton

Saving Face [aka Full Disclosure]


Episode 1.19
Wed, September 17, 2014
458,000 viewers (-)
Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Jennifer Leacey

Cracks appear for the Wilcox family when the true extent of Warwick's financial disaster is exposed at the Wonderland BBQ... and Tom's solution proves unpopular. Grace is shocked when Nick reveals his impatience ⁸ but news about Carlos sees her jump to the next stage in their relationship. Miranda's attempt to put Tom behind her has a surprising twist for her friends. Dani finds herself keeping secrets for her troubled teenage step-sister.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Peter Phelps as Warwick Wilcox, Maggie Dence as Ruth MacPherson, Ewen Leslie as Nick Deakin, Mia Pistorius as Jade Montgomery, Odessa Young as Lucy Wallace, Brittany Byrnes as Pip Sallinger, Gareth Rickards as Constable Cohen, Jordan Kelly as Dashal

Music: "Tonight" performed by Rufus, "Four" performed by Jagwar Ma, "Permission To Love" performed by Hayden James, "Please" performed by Falls, "Youth In Trouble" performed by The Presets



Episode 1.20
Wed, September 24, 2014
Ratings: ?
Written by Christopher Burke
Directed by Jennifer Leacey

Tom's chain of one-night stands is a sore point for Miranda until he reveals the true motivation for his actions. Steve's quest to protect his sister leads Carlos to give him some long-overdue home truths. A spontaneous moment with Colette's young college friend leaves Rob feeling lonelier than ever. A work crisis highlights a dark side to Nick... but Grace finds there are benefits to be had.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Ewen Leslie as Nick Deakin, Damien Strouthos as Jay Duffy, Leanne Mackessy as Claire, Lotte St Clair as Harmony, Emma Leonard as Ashley, Joshua Anderson as Will McIvor, Bruce Hoffman as Ben, Milly Alcock as Teen Girl 1, Nhyree Sheldrick as Teen Girl 2, Peter Zitis as Angry Patron, Alison Chamberlain as Bartender

Music: "Love Is Gone" performed by Oxford & Co, "Always" performed by Panama



Episode 1.21
Wed, October 01, 2014
Ratings: ?
Written by Josephine Dee Barrett
Directed by Darren Ashton

A potential romantic interlude for Tom and Miranda is derailed when fate intervenes and leads the star-crossed lovers astray. An accident at at Rob's work sees his relationship with Colette turn a new corner. Steve's enthusiasm for his new job leads to amusing conflict with Dani. Grace playing mum to Nick's little girl bonds the couple further. Maggie's mother is willing to bail them out but Maggie feels the cost is too high.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Ewen Leslie as Nick Deakin, Maggie Dence as Ruth Macpherson, Darren Gilshenan as Lyle Newell, Damien Strouthos as Jay Duffy, Pip Edwards as Kylie Duffy, Joshua Anderson as Will Mcivor, Claire Lovering as Rebecca Gibbons, Avani Farriss as Cleo Deakin, Tyran Parke as Doctor

Music: "Please Speak Well Of Me" performed by The Weepies, "Nothing Arrived" performed by Villagers, "Hey" performed by Falls



Episode 1.22
Wed, October 08, 2014
Ratings: ?
Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Darren Ashton

Tom is ready to sell his car and start a new chapter... just as Miranda's best friend, Ava, comes to stay — their mutual attraction overshadows Miranda's joy at her first exhibition. Steve has an anniversary surprise for Dani that may change their lives forever. Colette and Carlos go on holidays, forcing Rob to act on his feelings at last. Grace's romantic bubble with Nick is burst when she discovers the truth. Maggie's decision to support Warwick is thwarted at the eleventh hour.

With: Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt, Peter Phelps as Warwick Wilcox, Ewen Leslie as Nick Deakin, Maggie Dence as Ruth Macpherson, Elise Jansen as Ava Mcguire, Darren Gilshenan as Lyle Newell, Claire Lovering as Rebecca Gibbons, Helen Dallimore as Bianca Deakin

Music: "Long Way Home" performed by Brighter Later, "Tender Scene" performed by Incognita, "Get You Out Of Here" performed by Busby Marou, "Finding You" performed by The Go-Betweens, "Never Alone" performed by Shades Of Gray, "Baby, Let Me In" performed by The Basics, "Back To You" performed by Shades Of Gray

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