Creators: John Holmes, Bevan Lee
Producer: MaryAnne Carroll
Writers: Bevan Lee, ...
Directors: Nicholas Bufalo, ...

Airing: 2011... (Seven)

Four friends, branded "the losers" in high school, are thrown back together at their ten year reunion. When they find themselves still hiding from the school bully in the toilets it seems like nothing has changed for them — until fate steps in with a winning lottery ticket. But will their new-found fortune really change their lives or will their losing streak come back to haunt them?
Melissa BerglandJenny Gross
Zoe Tuckwell-SmithRebecca 'Bec' Gilbert
Melanie VallejoSophie Wong
Virginia GayFrances James
Blair McDonoughMatt O'Connor
Tom WrenDoug Graham
Damien BodieJonathan Kurtiss
Stephen PhillipsZach Armstrong
Denise ScottTrish Gross
Francis GreensladeBrian Gross
Jack PearsonPatrick Gross
Sarah GraceBridget Gross
Paul MooreWes Fitzpatrick
Mike SmithCallum Gilbert
Nell FeeneyCarolyn Gilbert
Katherine HicksSam McKenzie
 cast photo

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