Produced by Renegade Films (Australia) Pty Ltd

Created by: Jason Gann, Adam Zwar & Tony Rogers
Executive Producers: Joe Connor, Ken Connor
Co-Executive Producer: Peter Bain-Hogg
Producer: Jenny Livingston
Writers: Adam Zwar, Jason Gann
Director: Tony Rogers
Wilfred song vocals: Kat Wilson

Aired: 2007, 2010 (SBS)

Sarah and her "special little man" Wilfred have survived the trials and tribulations of the minefield which is Sarah's love life. Enter the unsuspecting Adam who is oh so keen on Sarah but who has Wilfred to contend with and the scene is set for this very funny and deeply bent series. Insecure and manipulative, the pot-smoking Wilfred will stop at nothing to keep Sarah's love and affection. So how hard can it be to make friends with a dog? Not half as easy at it might seem. Based on the award winning original short film screened at Tropfest.
Adam ZwarAdam Douglas
Jason GannWilfred
Cindy WaddinghamSarah Pickford
Jason Gann, Cindy Waddington and Adam Zwar

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