Produced by Southern Star Entertainment

Executive Producers: John Holmes, Rory Callaghan
Producer: Julie McGauran, Sarah Smith
Writers: John Ridley, Jeff Truman, James Walker, Dave Warner, Michelle Offen, Margaret Wilson
Directors: Jeffrey Walker, Ken Cameron, Arnie Custo, Chris Martin Jones, Ian Watson
Composers: David McCormach, Michael Lira (Sonar Music)

Aired: September 04 - November 27, 2011 (Seven)

Wild Boys follows the lives of four men on the outside of the law in 1860's outback Australia as they come up against authority, the rich and greedy, and the weaknesses of their own hearts.
Daniel MacPhersonJack Keenan
Michael DormanDan Sinclair
Zoe VenturaMary Barrett
David FieldCaptain Gunpowder
Alexander EnglandConrad Fischer
Jeremy SimsFrancis Fuller
Nathaniel DeanMick Scanlon
Anna HutchisonEmelia Fife
Christopher StolleryJames Fife
 cast photo

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