(international title: "The Nominees")

Executive Producer: Bruce Kane
Creator and writer: Chris Lilley
Producer: Laura Waters
Co-Producer: Chris Lilley
Director: Matthew Saville

Aired: July 27 - Aug 31, 2005 (ABC)

We Can Be Heroes is a comedy mockumentary series created and written by Chris Lilley. Chris plays five hopeful nominees who are competing for the Australian of the Year award. Styled like a big budget documentary series, We Can Be Heroes follows Phil, a rescue hero who saved nine children in a jumping castle accident; Ricky, a Chinese physics genius and aspiring actor; Ja'mie, a charity minded schoolgirl who sponsors 85 Sudanese children; Daniel and Nathan, hearing impaired twin farm boys embarking on a world first eardrum transplant; and Pat, a disabled suburban housewife turned elite athlete as they compete for the ultimate title of Australian of the Year.
Jennifer ByrneNarrator
Chris LilleyPhil Olivetti
Ricky Wong
Ja'mie King
Daniel Sims
Nathan Sims
Pat Mullins
Chris Lilley

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