Produced by Artist Services and the ABC
in association with Burberry Productions

Creator/writer: David McRobbie
Executive Producers: Ewan Burnett, Andrew Knight, Steve Vizard
Producers: Alan Hardy, Galia Hardy
Directors: Paul Maloney, Sophie Turkiewicz, Ian Watson, Denny Lawrence, David Cameron, Steve Mann

Aired: 1997 (ABC)

The Wayne Manifesto takes us into the world of 12-year-old Wayne Wilson, his Mum, Dad, and sister, and his friends Squocka, Violet and Rosie. When the Wilson family move to their new home, Wayne wants nothing more than to fit in. He wants to make new friends and keep out of the way of the school bully. Teaming up with the local kids — the laid back Squoka, the self reliant Violet and the young energetic Rosie — Wayne takes on life with enormous optimism. The Wayne Manifesto shows us the world as Wayne would like it to be and the world as it really is. Through his limitless imagination, Wayne has wild fantasies of a world perfect for a 12-year-old. Based on the original short stories by David McRobbie.
Jeffrey WalkerWayne Wilson
Jah'shua McAvoySquocka
Tracey-Louise SmithViolet
Brooke HarmanRosie
Cassandra MagrathCharlene Wilson
Rainee SkinnerMum
Nick WatersDad
Andrew BoothMr Dellafield
Simon JamesKevin Merry
Mark HillPatrick
Remi BroadwayRupert Pringle
Ingrid MasonMrs. Pringle
Regis BroadbentCousin Harris

1997 Australian Film Institute Awards

  • The Young Actors Award: Jeffrey Walker
  • Best Children's Television Drama: The Wayne Manifesto, "Amy Pastrami Day"

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