Produced by Madman Productions and Epic Films

Creators: Victoria Cocks, Marcus McKenzie
Producers: Kirsty Stark (Epic Films), Nick Batzias (Madman)
Executive Producers: Christopher Gist, Carole Sklan, Paul Wiegard
Co-Producers: Ella Macintyre, Virginia Whitwell
Writers: Victoria Cocks, Mike Jones, Matt Vesely
Director: Victoria Cocks

Debut: September 20, 2014 (ABC iview)

The post-apocalyptic tale of the humanoid panda Isaac, who is banished to the Wasteland after the violent death of a young girl, and sets out to find a replacement to reinstate his family into the Tribe of Legion. Following from the independent web series, Wastelander Panda: Exile was the first drama program to be commissioned for ABC iview
Aaron SchuppanIsaac
Brendan CowellIsaac (voice)
Lily PearlRose
Marcus McKenzieArcayus
Roger NewcombeArcayus (voice)
Rick MillsHannah
Chrissie PageHannah (voice)
Chantal ContouriVarrick Helm
Craig BehennaMarcellus
Charles MayerHavero
Hjalmar SvennaElliott
Delana CarboneTorin
Brendan RockNazeer
Nigel TripodiJake
Aaron CartwrightCohen
David RockHolt
Julie WoodRayne

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