Produced by Matchbox Pictures and R&R Productions

Creators: Rebecca Gibney, Richard Bell
Executive Producers: Rebecca Gibney, Tony Ayres, Julie McGauran
Producers Andy Walker, Richard Bell
Writers: Timothy Hobart, John Ridley, Kirsty Fisher
Director: Peter Templeman, Jennifer Leacey

Airing: 2016... (Seven)

Wanted follows Lola and Chelsea, two strangers who have silently shared a bus stop every morning for two years. When these two strangers are witness to a carjacking gone wrong and framed for murder by a corrupt police officer, they are forced to put aside their considerable differences and go on the run across Australia in a car full of stolen money. What each woman doesn't know is that they both carry dark secrets from their past — secrets that will keep them running as much as the growing number of predators on their tail.
Rebecca GibneyLola Buckley
Geraldine HakewillChelsea Babbage
Steve PeacockeJosh Levine
Ryan CorrChris Murphett
Nicholas BellRay Stanton
Anthony PhelanKel Morrison
Cast Photo
Cast Photo

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