The Violent Earth: episode guide

Paradise Untamed (1888 - 1908)

Part One

After watching her family brutally murdered by Kanak warriors, a young French girl, Helene, finds herself orphaned in 1800's New Caledonia.

She is taught to overcome her fear of the Kanak people and learns to respect and admire their culture.

Helene grows up and raises a family of two children, but racial tensions and tragedy see Helene widowed at a young age and she forced leave her family and farm to accept work at a nickel mine.

Starring: Claire Nebout as Helene, Jeremy Callaghan as John, Bill Hunter as Campbell, Joe Petruzzi as Vincenzo Scarpinato, Bernard Verley as Hippocrates, Peter O'Brien as Yann, Frank Gallacher as Father Moissan, William Takaku as Magnus, Rosaline Nachero as Clarisse, Andrew Mckaige as Gendarme Captain

Farewell To Innocence (1925 - 1946)

Part Two

Helene's daughter, Jeanne, has grown into a şighty young girl who dreams of a more sophisticated life away from New Caledonia.

Jeanne's brother Tom returns with his new wife, Maximilienne Helene is not impressed with Maximilienne's overbearing ways, but Jeanne is transfixed by the sophisticated Parisienne Jeanne runs away from her growing feelings for her childhood friend only to find herself trapped in a loveless marriage.

Starring: Claudia Karvan as Jeanne, Andrew McFarlane as Tom Sutton, Jon Bennett as Wanatcha, Laure Killing as Maximilienne Sutton, Simone Kessell as Gabrielle, Mark Gerber as Roland

Serpent's Heart (1969 - 1977)

Part Three

Tom Sutton's illegitimate daughter Anna, fights for her political beliefs amidst growing racial tension in New Caledonia.

She and her friends protest against the Caldoche way of life—farming the best land, profiteering from the mines and enjoying the best services and facilities.

Torn between her political beliefs and her family history a final tragedy reveals what Anna must do, for her people and for herself the racial violence escalates.

Starring: Karina Lombard as Anna, Jay Laga'aia as Jean-Christian, Charles Tingwell as Bishop Guiart, Arnaud Giovaninetti as Carlo Scarpinato, Justine Saunders as Aunt Junie, Rodney Bell as Francois