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Hot But Cold


Episode 2.01
Thu, October 16, 2014
719,000 viewers (8th)
Written by Robyn Butler
Directed by Wayne Hope

Bess continues to struggle with the adoption discovery, developing some erratic and misplaced trust and abandonment issues; thinking Danny is either lying to her or going to leave her. Danny isn't — he is just concentrating on his new passive cooling system to avoid using the planet-destroying air conditioner.

He's determined to be a cutting-edge architect even if it means he has to endure swollen fingers, continually adjusting blinds and listening to the rest of the family complain about being hot — the passive cooling system is not working. So after a week of heat hell, Danny caves in and gives the house a good blast of cool air. When Bess finds out Danny lied about using the air conditioner, she kicks him out.

Meanwhile at the other end of the freeway, where the air conditioner is on full bore, the Wheelers have no trouble keeping cool. Troy is desperate to get back with Amber, but he'll need to convince her first that her trust and abandonment issues with him aren't well founded.

Starring: Annie Maynard as Bess, Patrick Brammall as Danny, Robyn Malcolm as Julie, Michala Banas as Amber, Rhys Mitchell as Kayne, Madeleine Jevic as Brianna, Lara Robinson as Edwina, Harrison Feldman as Oscar, Dougie Baldwin as Shawn, Glenn Robbins as Wayne, Robyn Nevin as Margaret

With: Dave Thornton as Troy

Let's Talk About Sex


Episode 2.02
Thu, October 23, 2014
645,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Trent Roberts
Directed by Wayne Hope

After Oscar and Edwina's sex education night at school, Oscar leaves enthralled and keen to learn all he can about sex. It leads Bess and Danny to argue about their own sex life, which, Danny feels has been interrupted ever since the Wheelers came along. Bess is concerned that they might be in a rut.

When Oscar passes this on to the Wheelers, Wayne and Julie think it's important to offer some sex advice, which they do, freely and often. They encourage Bess and Danny to undertake the Seven Days of Sex Challenge, and to help spice things up for them, gift Bess some 'underwow' underwear from Brianna's latest business venture.

With: Sue Jones as Pat, Andy Matthews as Mr Wilson

Bonds and Stocks


Episode 2.03
Thu, October 30, 2014
530,000 viewers (15th)
Written by Robyn Butler and Kirsty Fisher
Directed by Tony Martin

Bess worries the Brights don't have any family bonding hobbies like the Wheelers do and, much to the horror of Danny and the children, sets about finding some. Meanwhile, on familypedigree.com, Julie has discovered that Wayne is a descendant of rich relatives and the family immediately sets out to find them.

Bess, still anxious to bond with her own family, declines the invitation to join them, but when she finds that Amber has left her out of a possible inheritance, she wonders if she's been trying to bond with the wrong family.

With: Louise Crawford as Hostess, David Serafin as Steve, Mike Frencham as Craig, Lily Jones as Madison

I Dream of Broccolini


Episode 2.04
Thu, November 06, 2014
589,000 viewers (12th)
Written by Alix Beane, Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
Directed by Wayne Hope

The Wheelers, still without a second engine, can't afford to run the dragster, much to the delight of their arch rival dragster team, the Amentas. When Shawn rescues his pop from this embarrassment by offering to race in the Junior drags, everyone jumps at the opportunity. Bess, delighted to get involved with another Wheeler family activity, pushes Oscar and Edwina into helping Team Wheeler, but when Edwina develops a super crush on the junior Amenta boy, Bess may have pushed too far.

With: Steve Bastoni as Benji, Ethan Detering as Broccoli Kid, Peter Flaherty as Stall Holder, Hayden Leith as Bloke, Dylan Murphy as Nuts, Robert Triplino as BJ

Music: "Comin' Home Baby" performed by Mel Torme, "Do It Like That" performed by Ricki-Lee, "You Started Something In Me" performed by Sam Bluer

Occupation Hazards


Episode 2.05
Thu, November 13, 2014
604,000 viewers (12th)
Written by Robyn Butler
Directed by Wayne Hope

Tired of the Wheelers thinking Bess is amazing because she is a doctor, Amber goes for a big promotion at the bank, but is devastated when she misses out because of a snooty interviewer on the panel. When Julie discovers that Margaret knows the snooty interviewer, she pleads with her to put in a good word, which eventuates in an unlikely collaboration between Amber and Margaret. Meanwhile, Bess is also tired of the Wheelers thinking she's amazing because she's a doctor ⁸ and tired of their very, very frequent medical related visits.

With: Simone Buchanan as Kirby, Stephen Hall as Digby, James Liotta as Andrew, Geraldine Quinn as Kathleen, Timothy Bell as Chairman



Episode 2.06
Thu, November 20, 2014
585,000 viewers (12th)
Written by Robyn Butler
Directed by Tony Martin

Wayne and Julie's 30th wedding anniversary is nearing and Wayne wants to buy Julie an expensive necklace, which means when he suddenly gets a terrible toothache, he can't afford the dentist. Trying to hide his aching mouth, he avoids Julie who becomes increasingly suspicious. Bess is troubled about buying Wayne and Julie's present, keen to get the right thing, but when she asks for her mother's advice, Margaret becomes very slippery on the anniversary subject, as if she herself has a secret.

With: Nicole Nabout as Sales Assistant, Robyn Butler as Candy (uncredited v/o)

All You Can Eat


Episode 2.07
Thu, November 27, 2014
596,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Tony Martin
Directed by Tony Martin

After Edwina talks her father into letting Shawn do work experience with him, Danny feels embarrassed by the constant interruptions of the cleaners, gardeners and wine deliveries. He wishes he was not so middle class and more like the Wheelers, who, on the other side of town, are hatching a complicated plan to use a bunch of two-for-one coupons at a buffet restaurant.

Meanwhile, Margaret is ordered by her doctor to get a dog to walk every day. Although she's thinking of a Shitzu, Julie brings her an abandoned greyhound that she has rescued. After Margaret gets attached to him, the dog is kidnapped. Margaret is devastated, but it is Julie who comes to the rescue once more.

With: Dave Thornton as Troy, Justin Anderson as Travis, Scott Brennan as Trent, Patrick Harvey as Tyler, Mark Mitchell as Dr Mortimer, Sue Jones as Pat, Steve Bastoni as Benji, Robert Tripoline as BJ, Paul McCarthy as Maitre D', Amelie Everett as Child, Luke Gibson as Man, Brett Whittingham as Delivery Man, Jennifer Wong as Cleaner

Jules In The Crown


Episode 2.08
Thu, December 04, 2014
590,000 viewers (10th)
Written by Trent Roberts
Directed by Wayne Hope

After a TV news story about the Wheelers paints Julie as an old woman who is past her use by date, Julie decides she won't race anymore and, reasoning that she's the only driver, sells the dragster to help the family get out of debt. The Wheelers are furious with Julie for being so selfish. Julie, furious at them for not understanding, goes to stay with Bess to teach them a lesson. When Margaret discovers Julie swanning around at the Brights, she realises the only way to get her out of there is to make the rest of the Wheelers bring Julie home.

With: Ben Grogan as The Smash, Tim Potter as Derek, Ryan Coffey as Dean, Tegan Higginbotham as Jess, Scarlett Hall as Amber (Aged 7), Harper Allchin as Kayne (Aged 8), Addison Davies as Brianna (Aged 3)