Underbelly Files: Chopper [Part 1 | Part 2]

Part 1: Sunday, February 11, 2018 (8:30)
903,000 viewers (6th)
Executive Producer: Rory Callaghan
Producers: Karl Zwicky and Kerrie Mainwaring
Written by Justin Monjo
Directed by Peter Andrikidis

Mark 'Chopper' Read established a reputation of infamy by becoming one of the most vicious standover men in Australian criminal history. And now he has put his life of crime behind him… sort of. Claiming to have gone straight, he now earns his living by sharing tales of his standover days, as both an author and stand up comic, forcing him to constantly confront the sins of his past, chiefly his relationship with bikie Sydney Collins.

After being released from Pentridge Prison in 1991, Chopper pledges to Margaret, his high school sweetheart turned girlfriend, that he is going straight. He promises to put the Chopper legend behind him and concentrate on just being Mark. They flee Melbourne for Tasmania to live with Chopper's dad, Keith, and start a new life. However with Melbourne gangster Alphonse Gangitano plotting against him, Tasmanian bikies trying to ensnare him in bikie warfare, constant requests to carry out contract killings and his own father advocating for violent reprisal, Chopper is faced with the reality that while he may have left a life of crime, that life refuses to leave him.

This comes to a head when president of the Outlaws gang, Sydney Collins, offers Chopper an invitation to his wedding, with one condition — Chopper pays him $8,000. It's not so much an invitation as an order. Chopper refuses, but how can he deal with a criminal like Syd and maintain his promise to Margaret? Shortly after, Syd is shot and Chopper is investigated and charged, but Chopper swears he's innocent.


  • Aaron Jeffery as Mark "Chopper" Read
  • Ella Scott Lynch as Margaret Cassar
  • Todd Lasance as Syd Collins
  • Reef Ireland as Trent Anthony
  • Michael Caton as Keith Read
  • Vince Colosimo as Alphonse Gangitano
  • Jane Allsop as Detective Martin
  • Alex Tsitsopoulos as Detective Hendry
  • Marny Kennedy as Constable Jassic
  • Rhys Mitchell as Constable Smiley
  • Septimus Caton as Young Keith
  • Kevin Harrington as Lewis Moran
  • Debra Anne Byrne as Judy Moran
  • Alex Williams as Jared Hamill
  • James O'Connell as Kane Donovan
  • Cassandra Magrath as Sparks
  • Krista Vendy as Fanny
  • Jacqui Williams as Marcy
  • Heidi Sprague as Gaily
  • Thomas Fisher as Young Chopper
  • Maggie Orr as Young Margaret
  • Rikki-Lee Lacco as Pretty Crim Groupie 1
  • Kia Luby as Casino Woman 1
  • Cait Spiker as Autograph Hunter
  • Rafferty Grierson as Kid 1
  • Tim Constantine as Heckler 1
  • Arthur Giamalidis as Heckler 2
  • Olivia Charalambous as Audience Lady 1
  • Genevieve Kingsford as Audience Lady 2
  • Grace Quealy as Pretty Reporter
  • Luke Stephens as Uniformed Policeman
  • Philip Manifavas as Older Kid
  • Tasi Niumata as Crim Mate
  • Susannah Hooper as Pole Dancer 1
  • Frankie Valentine as Lap Dancer 1

Stunt Actors:

  • Rosco Campbell as Tassie Crim
  • Warwick Sadler as Bodyguard
  • Nathan James as Bodyguard
  • Richard Anastasios as Autograph Hunter
  • Mark Campbell as Monaro/Police Stunt Driver
  • Jim Petropoulos as Big Bikie 1
  • Chris Gray as Big Bikie 2
  • Joss Gower as Policeman
  • Wayne Cartwright as Policeman