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Motley crew: Underbelly actors George Kapiniaris (George Defteros), Les Hill (Jason Moran), Simon Westaway (Mick Gatto), Gerard Kennedy (Graham Kinniburgh), Gyton Grantley (Carl Williams), Martin Sacks (Mario Condello), Vince Colosimo (Alphonse Gangitano), Kevin Harrington (Lewis Moran) and Callan Mulvey (Mark Moran).

An offer they couldn't refuse

CAMERAS are rolling on Underbelly, which promises to be one of the most controversial dramas in the history of Australian TV.

The 13-part Channel 9 series is the much-anticipated dramatisation of Melbourne's infamous gangland killings, which started in 1998 with the murder of Alphonse Gangitano.

Underbelly also charts the rise and demise of Carl Williams, who sought to be underworld king.

Filming yesterday focused on the courtroom aftermath of a bloody brawl at a King St nightclub in 1995.

The shocking explosion of violence in the club involved the late gangsters Gangitano (played in Underbelly by Vince Colosimo) and Jason Moran (Les Hill).

The nightclub incident was the beginning of the end of Moran and Gangitano's friendship, with even the hot-headed Moran saying Gangitano was out of control.

Martin Sacks, who has grown a moustache to play gangland figure Mario Condello, believes Underbelly will pack a punch.

"The show is full of extraordinarily colourful characters, so it should make for great viewing," Sacks said at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, which was being used to film court scenes.

Underbelly is being made for Nine by producer Screentime, renowned for hits including The Society Murders, which told of the brutal killing of socialites Paul King and Margaret Wales-King.

Film and TV veteran Gerard Kennedy will ditch his Division 4 good guy image to play mobster Graham Kinniburgh.

By Darren Devlyn
July 03, 2007
Herald Sun