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Callan Mulvey

Underbelly 3 nudity and sex disgusts star Emma Booth

VIOLENCE, sex and nudity — expect a double dose of it all when the raciest Underbelly series yet screens next year.

Raunchy scenes will be the centrepiece for Underbelly: The Golden Mile, which revolves around the tales of three different characters.

The 13-part series explores John Ibrahim's rise to become King of the Cross, the story of police corruption whistleblower Deborah Locke and former prostitute-turned-police trainee Kim Hollingsworth.

After four months acting out the cruel and harrowing life of Hollingsworth, actress Emma Booth will take a rest from the most exhausting role of her career.

No prude when it comes to getting her gear off, Booth, who won an AFI for her performance in 2007 film Clubland, said showing off her assets for Underbelly had left her disgusted.

"Doing the nude scenes in this one has made me feel a little dirtier," the 27-year-old Perth-raised actress said.

"Playing a prostitute has given me a new-found respect for prostitution because there are days I go home and just feel dirty. I think I've come to terms with the fact I do feel a bit violated in this role and that's fine because that is how she felt, so I just use it."

"The rising star, who shed her clothes to play feminist Germaine Greer alongside British actress Sienna Miller in yet-to-be released film Hippie Hippie Shake, said playing Hollingsworth had consumed her life.

"I don't cope with it really. It's hard to leave behind characters and she's going to be hard to shake," said Booth, who grabbed the attention of producers by doing a topless scene in her first audition tape.

"There are times when I feel completely dirty and and that's hard because it doesn't always feel comfortable and it doesn't always feel nice, especially when you're not feeling that great in your body.

"I go up and down with my weight so if I am having a great day great, but sometimes when you feel bloated it's horrible to have to do."

Underbelly: The Golden Mile is set in Kings Cross in 1989 where bent cops, criminals and colourful characters all converged to make their mark and ends with the 1995 Wood Royal Commission.

The Channel 9 drama is expected to return on Sunday nights at 8.30pm in March.

By Erin McWhirter
December 13, 2009
The Daily Telegraph