A Moving Bus/Dunlopedia Production

Executive Producer: Shane Dunlop
Writers: Shane Dunlop, Rose Callaghan, Nick Capper, Andy Matthews,
Carly Milroy, Hayman Kent, Anthony McCormack
Director: Shane Dunlop

Aired: August - September 2016 (Channel 31/youtube)

Helene McKenzie resides in the NSW regional town of Coonabarabran and is an avid astronomer just like her father was, working in the observatory that overlooks her small town. When a nearby and much newer observatory threatens its funding and research grants, Helene's observatory is in danger of being shut down. Helene actively fights its closure and along with her team of misfit colleagues, she attempts to rally her small home town behind her. Plagued by a corrupt local council and hindered by a lazy town mayor, Helene's prospects of saving her observatory are slim. In the meantime, she spends most nights looking up at the stars, or talking to her two interstate peers via internet video calls; Simon Redding, based at the Melbourne Planetarium and Harry Rosenfeldt, an eccentric Tasmanian-based astronomer on the verge of an epic discovery.
Lee McClenaghanHelene McKenzie
Matt StewartSteven Eggbird
Tom McCathieWilliam 'Wild Bill' Sadie
Marty RhoneHarry Rosenfeldt
Kirsty SnowdenLeslie Browning
Mark GambinoSimon Redding
Bryce HardyMike Finch
Rowan FrancisMayor Darryl Barnham
Sophie CusworthHalle Smith
Davini MalcolmRonny McKenzie
Kate DehnertAileen
Rob SitchSam McKenzie
cast photo

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