Cold Feet: cast

Fay Ripley as Jenny Gifford

Fay Ripley

Fay recaps on how her on-screen relationship with John Thomson was left at the end of Series 3:"We left Pete and Jenny in an odd place, in that they were apart but, at Adam and Rachel's wedding, one thing led to another and they had sex. It looked like they might get back together, they might not…"

The question of whether Pete and Jenny have resumed their relationship is one on every Cold Feet fan's lips this year. Fay clears up this uncertainty with her departure from the series early into the series: "We come back to it with them giving it another go," she reveals. "You can understand it—so much has gone on with them. They are trying again but ultimately too much water has gone under the bridge. You can kid yourself [it will work] because you want something so much, not because it should happen. Emotionally, I think that Jenny will always love Pete. He is the father of her child and she sees all his good sides, but the trust has been broken (by Pete's affair with Amy in Series 2). They have tried and tried but that will never mend."

Fay feels that Jenny and Pete's relationship is one that many fans could really get their teeth into: "I think their relationship had been portrayed really well, in that you really went through the mill with those two. I think it's realistic that their relationship didn't work out," she says. Fay feels that Cold Feet generally "hits the buttons that some so many people can relate to. That's why it's so well constructed," she says.

Fay is particularly fond of Jenny's trademark frankness. "I like Jenny for the same reason that the public do. She says the things that everyone else is thinking. It's really refreshing to be able to do that. For instance, on the tube, if someone hasn't washed, Jenny would say 'a wash would be nice'. The rest of us would mumble under our breath and get off the tube!" she laughs.

After five years on Cold Feet, Fay's final scenes felt 'weird'. She reveals: "The final scenes the audience will see were not the final scenes I filmed. I actually ending up filming something quite domestic and low key as my final scene! Not many of the cast were in the scene and John wasn't there so it felt very odd!" The cast and crew arranged a party for Fay at the end of her last day, however, and a show reel of her 'best moments' were played.