Cold Feet: cast

Hermione Norris as Karen Marsden

Hermione Norris

Hermione describes how Series 4 follows the aftermath of David's affair. "Karen tries to reconcile what has happened and make her marriage work, then finds out that it's not that black and white or straightforward. I think she really questions her choices. She is living with the compromises she has made and she takes a long hard look at where she is at. She doesn't like very much the life that she has created for herself. (This series) is a complete sea change for her. It charts the rock bottom of realising how awful she feels and what she has to try to do to find her salvation."

The emotional roller coaster Karen is riding in this series has both challenged and excited Hermione: "I've really enjoyed it this year. I don't know whether people will like Karen as much… it will be interesting to see."

Whether viewers like her as much or not, Hermione feels the majority will understand the turmoil she is going through. "Everyone questions why she stays with David," she reflects. "The only thing that he does have is that he is a good family man and trustworthy but he has now blown that one out of the water as well. It's more than just David's affair. It's the way he treats her, the way he is with her, the way she is completely committed to him and the children, the being lied to."

Hermione goes on to describe why she thinks so many women identify with Karen: "She has compromised so much of herself and her values for David. I think it's true of many women. You make decisions like getting married when you are young, and then you evolve and grow and think 'hang on a minute' if someone is not growing with you. Karen has been taken for granted with the kids and that she will always be there."

As a keen traveller and extreme sports fan with a hectic social life, free spirit Hermione is worlds apart from her alias. "My life couldn't be more different to Karen's," she explains. "The whole energy of Karen is very different to me. She is contained and I'm much more like a Duracell battery—I charge around… laugh a lot…"