Cold Feet: cast

James Nesbitt as Adam Williams

James Nesbitt

James sees Adam as the true romantic of the gang. "I think Adam has always been the one who has been most committed to love," he reflects. "He's always been a bit of an idiot, someone who has done things in the heat of the moment but, ever since the pilot, when he made a decision about Rachel, it's always been there within him that she is the one for him."

When asked whether he has anything in common with Adam, James says: "The writing is so strong, I don't have to have anything in common with Adam."

Back for a fourth series, filming Cold Feet still hasn't become habitual for James:

"It's as enjoyable and as challenging as it ever was," he smiles.

James is delighted with the success Cold Feet has enjoyed series after series, although he did not approach the project with a potential long-running series in mind. "We knew the pilot was good, but we were just thinking of the pilot itself, and hoping it would do well, which is the way I approach most jobs," he explains. "I've never really had a career plan as such. I've never been on any sort of ladder so it's been great that it did so well but no I had no idea of the impact it would have at all."

James attributes the impact of Cold Feet to the writing behind the series. "The writing is the key," he says. "Mike Bullen's story lines are fantastic and the cast all gelled from the beginning. So when the characters developed with each other, the audience's relationship with those characters developed. The audience has grown with us. It's quite a magical thing."

James puts a lot of the "magic" down to the chemistry between the cast, a chemistry which hasn't dampened, even if the nights out have slowed down slightly! "We are all good friends. When you first do the show, it's like a honeymoon period where you are all getting to know each other, all socialising an awful lot. That has slowed down now but we will remain very good friends."