Cold Feet: cast

Helen Baxendale as Rachel Bradley

Helen Baxendale

Helen is fond of Rachel's feisty spirit and tough resilience. "I like the fact that she keeps going despite everything that happens to her," she says.

Re-joining the cast for Series 4 has been a great experience for Helen. "It's been very enjoyable. It's very, very nice to be able to act with people you know so well. I think it really helps to have a kind of shorthandbecause you feel so at ease and comfortable with each other. Everyone knows the ropes and we all know the crew. It's like we never stopped doing it—it's like a constant turntable!"

She finds her scenes with her on-screen husband James Nesbitt particularly easy. "It's so easy to act with Jimmy because I feel I know him really well. A lot of the time it's really difficult not to call the cast by their real names. I feel myself going 'Jimmy' in a scene and they [the crew] go 'No, no it's Adam'!"

When quizzed about what's in store for Rachel and Adam in Series 4, Helen is deliberately vague. "We get on quite well and we've kind of got over our problems with commitment, which is good! In general, we're the couple which is quite strong throughout the series. Saying that, it would be boring to have everyone getting on really well…"