Twisted Tales: episode guide

Night of the Monster


Episode 01
December 23, 1996
Written by Heather Christie
Directed by Stephen Wallace

A little girl whose eye-witness testimony helped convict her mother's killer, fights for her life when the man escapes from jail and breaks into her home seeking revenge.

Starring: Brittany Byrnes as Jessie Courtney, Jessica Napier as Michelle, Boris Brkic as Arthur Evan Pendle, John Walton as Peter Courtney, Matthew Krok as Matthew

Third Party


Episode 02
December 09, 1996
Written by Neil Burman
Directed by Smantha Lang

A married man arranges to meet a woman for a meal via a video dating agency but takes along a pair of stockings and a menacing length of rope.

Starring: Rachel Ward as Sarah, Marshall Napier as Ray

With: Mitchell Butel as Waiter, Anthony Hayes as Damien

Directly from My Heart to You


Episode 03
December 30, 1996
Written by Louis Nowra
Directed by Catherine Millar

A female android, ordered to carry out a series of murders by the scientist who created her, begins to derive pleasure from her job as a killing machine and starts acting on her own impulses.

Starring: Kimberley Davies as Betty, Gary Day as Lowell, Simon Westaway as John Berryman.

With: Salvatore Coco as Sav Rocca, Mercia Deane-Johns as Woman, Kate Fitzpatrick as Elizabeth Bishop, Caroline Gan as Rita Dove, Grant Piro as Merrill

The Crossing


Episode 4
February 01, 1998
Written by Gabiann Marin
Directed by Kate Dennis

A woman flees an accident scene and must dodge the police after knocking down a pedestrian on a crossing when speeding home from her first night spent with her new boyfriend.

Starring: Nadine Garner as Mallory, Justine Clarke as Pip

With: Les Foxcroft as Neighbour, Joy Hruby as Agnes Fuller, Louise Howitt as Janice Cummings, Paul Livingston as Brendan, Martin Maddell, Berynn Schwerdt as Tom, Victoria Wells as Policewoman

Cold Revenge


Episode 05
December 02, 1996
Written by Daniel Krige
Directed by Daniel Krige

A hitman hired for a murder becomes suspicious of the woman who's given him the job when everything starts to go wrong and the hit turns out to be her brother.

Starring: Dee Smart as Judy Raven, Robert Mammone as Steve

With: Ken Bromlow as Billy, Daniel Krige as Judy's Brother

Dancing Partners


Episode 06
January 04, 1998
Written by Graeme Nixon
Directed by Ian Gilmour

The two children of a separated champion ballroom dancing couple live with their mother but every second Saturday afternoon spend time with their dance-mad father who, they believe, is harbouring a secret girlfriend.

Starring: David Webb as Clive, Noni Hazelhurst as Anne, Matilda Brown as Fiona, Treffyn Koreshoff as John

With: Ray Mather as Clive Double, Kim Graham as Anne Double, Gary Witaker as Man

The Confident Man


Episode 07
January 06, 1997
Written by Tim Rolfe
Directed by Gregor Jordan

A smooth talking wheeler-dealer businessman manages to talk his way out of a speeding ticket but later faces his greatest challenge — persuading a knife-wielding robber at his bottle shop that the cordless drill he's threatening him with is really a gun.

Starring: Bryan Brown as Jack Jackson, Josephine Byrnes as Julia, Steve Bastoni as Constable Paul Bell, Aaron Blabey as Nick, Mark Lee as Frank

With: Jill McKay as Female Customer, Andrew Chapman as Policeman, Peter Talmacs as Male Customer, Minh Tam Tran as Walk-in Customer

Bonus Mileage


Episode 08
December 16, 1996
Written by Simon D. Hoenger
Directed by Christopher Robin Collins

A bad-tempered computer salesman meets a mysterious and wealthy collector on a bumpy air journey. After he hits his head during turbulence, the salesman regains consciousness to discover he's assumed the identity of the other man.

Starring: Geoffrey Rush as Harry Chisholm, Shane Briant as Jay Condor

With: Peter Carmody as Chauffeur, Kate Fischer as Melody Christian, Tottie Goldsmith as Vanessa Condor, Jacek Koman as Taxi Driver, Anthony Martin as Policeman, Natalie McCurry as Tania, Alan Zitner as Captain Onslow

The Test


Episode 9
January 11, 1998
Written by Heather Christie
Directed by Lynn Hegarty

When a man starts going out with one of his employees, his over-possessive mother, who has an obsession for playing with dolls, does her best to split the couple up.

Starring: Judy Morris as Veronica, David Wenham as George, Pippa Grandison as Karen

With: Leigh Russell as Taxi Driver

A Sure Thing


Episode 10
January 25, 1998
Written by Gary N. Lines
Directed by Lewis Fitz-Gerald

A reformed gambler is persuaded to make one last bet on what seems like a sure thing, but ends up losing a lot more than he bargained for.

Starring: Russell Kiefel as George, Robert Taylor as Peter; Loene Carmen as Katey, Patrick McGroder, Ken Talbot, Sandy Winton as Bartender

Borrowing Bazza


Episode 11
January 20, 1997
Written by Duncan Ball
Directed by David Caesar

A fading artist who has pinned all his hopes on winning the Archibald Prize, is devastated when his subject dies suddenly — and kidnaps his body in order to finish the portrait.

Starring: Bruce Spence as Colin, Barry Crocker as Sir Barry Doyle, Richard Carter as Jim Nicholson, Justin Case, Mark Connolly, Jonathan Hardy as Roger, Michael Karaolis, Steve Rosanove, David Wells

One Way Ticket


Episode 12
January 13, 1997
Written by Daniel Krige
Directed by Michael Offer

Late on a stormy night, a woman, scared and alone, takes shelter in a railway ticket office but fears the male worker there (who's also waiting for the rain to stop) may be dangerous.

Starring: Claudia Karvan as Cassie Blake, Richard Roxburgh as Ben; Andy Clarke, Andrew Marshall as Policeman, Irene Rowland as Bag Lady, Vanessa Thomson as Policewoman, Avril Wynne as Bag Lady Double