Produced by EQ Media Group, Beyond Entertainment and AGC Television
in association with Renegade Entertainment

Creator: Yolanda Ramke
Series Producer: Karl Zwicky
Producers: Andrew Walker, Julie Eckersley, Simonne Overend
Writers: Blake Ayshford, Penelope Chai, Kodie Bedford, Craig Irvin, Andrew Lee
Directors: Jocelyn Moorhouse, Catherine Millar, Grant Brown, Yolanda Ramke & Ben Howling

Release: Sun, February 27, 2022 (ABC/ABC iView)

Set in the wilds of tropical Far North Queensland, Troppo centres on a disgraced ex-cop Ted Conkaffey, who is recruited by an ex-con turned private investigator, Amanda Pharrell, to solve the disappearance of a Korean family man and tech pioneer. Inspired by Candice Fox’s bestselling novel Crimson Lake. (8x56min)
Thomas JaneTed Conkaffey
Nicole ChamounAmanda Pharrell
David LyonsDamford
Sun ParkYoon Sun
Simon LyndonTwist
Yerin HaAh Rah
Kate BeahanOlivia
Angela Punch McGregorDr Val
Thomas WeatherallCharlie
Damien GarveyRoy
Cramer CainWayne
Ling Cooper TangHench
Peta WilsonEve

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