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Drama as show trips up

IN A critical blow to Aussie driven drama, Channel 10 is set to axe plans for a second season of Tripping Over after it tanked overseas.

The saucy series, starring Daniel MacPherson and Brooke Satchwell, received respectable ratings Down Under but failed to find a home in Britain.

This has caused major headaches for Ten - which was keen to pick it up for a second run - as the show is co-produced by a UK company that now wants to walk away from the project.

While Ten has yet to confirm they will can the drama, Confidential can reveal its actors are looking for work after being told the network would not shoulder the financial burden alone.

Not that MacPherson is too concerned about his job prospects - the former Neighbours spunk yesterday claimed he had a few projects of his own in the pipeline.

"Let's just say, I've got my suitcase packed but I don't know where I'm going," he said.

"At the moment I've got some really nice options between a TV drama, possibly some live TV in a presenting role or heading overseas. Hopefully I'll know which one I'm doing soon."

Not that he will have any trouble filling in the time.

The small screen muscleman is currently training for the Ironman Championships in Hawaii later this year as well as the Aussie Grand Prix Celebrity Challenge, in which he'll compete against former flame Sarah McLeod.

"She's the only person I want to beat. I don't care what happens, I want to beat McLeod," he joked.

March 07, 2007
The Daily Telegraph