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Bad Debts In Wollongong


Episode 1
Monday, May 14, 2012 (Nine, 9:42)
1.160 million viewers (7th)*
Written by Greg Haddrick
Directed by Shawn Seet

Life for three generations of the Christie family is thrown into disarray when a disastrous get-rich-quick scheme threatens to ruin the family business. Single-mum Kate Christies life gets even trickier when a mysterious business rival enters her life. Meanwhile, her parents dream holiday is threatened by an unexpected test.

Starring: Gigi Edgley as Kate Christie, Antony Starr as Matt Sloane, Lincoln Lewis as Chad Henderson, Kip Gamblin as Rick Taylor, Sophie Hensser as Lily Christie, Odessa Young as Emma Christie, Debra Byrne as Claire Christie, Shane Bourne as Jim Christie

Guest Cast: Dena Kaplan as Minnesota Smith, Russell Kiefel as Hugh Goodman; Rebecca Doyle as Brooke Goodman, Robert J Edwards as Waiter, Jessica Falkholt as Nurse, Charlton Hill as Joe Davis, Simon Khalil as Mario's Driver, Julie Lawless as Lady, Ian McColm as Jason Green, Alfredo Marabello as Mario McGuire, Muray Scarce as Fed #1, Sarah Grieve as Stunt Performer

Note: adjusted for the late start, the actual ratings were 0.987 million viewers (9th for the night). See article Nine's Tricky Business debuts under 1m

Somebody That I Used To Know


Episode 2
Monday, May 21, 2012
0.940 million viewers (12th)
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Shawn Seet

Kate's world is turned upside down when she discovers the full extent of Rick's betrayal. Desperate to save the family business, Kate forms a prickly alliance with rival Matt Sloane. Chad discovers the thrill of the chase as he tracks down a beautiful but elusive scammer.

Guest Starring: Dena Kaplan as Minnesota Smith, Russell Kiefel as Hugh Goodman; Sophie Cook as Janice, Arka Das as Bank Teller, Rebecca Doyle as Brooke Goodman, Jon Fabian as Henry the Jeweller, Kai Harris as Carl - Security Man, Ella Hoope-Smith as Megan, David Hynes as Andy, John Manning as Police Officer, Zoe Trilsbach as Melissa Watts (Jasmine), Jeff Truman as Car Dealer, Sarah Grieve as Stunt Performer

Secrets And Lies


Episode 3
Monday, May 28, 2012
0.692 million viewers (16th)
Written by Felicity Packard
Directed by David Caesar

Rick returns to the business, only to discover Matt has taken his place. Kate and Matt work together to investigate the deaths of a couple in a car accident, and Kate ignores Lily's advice to tell her parents the truth about their financial situation..

Guest Starring: Joseph Ber as Adrian Penn, Maya Stange as Frankie Chalmers; Julia Billington as Paramedic, Brandon Burke as Dr Childs, Tessa De Josselin as Krista - Gym Receptionist, Kim Fleming as Simona Forbes, Dena Kaplan as Minnesota Smith, Russell Kiefel as Hugh Goodman, Anna Lawrence as Beth Horler, Matthew Lilley as Tony Disher, Hudosn Maginnity as Adrian's Baby #1, William Prentice as Adrian's Baby #2, Maria Suescun as Rumbacie Instructor

Facing The Music


Episode 4
Monday, June 04, 2012 (9.30)
0.769 million viewers (15th)
Written by Tamara Asmar
Directed by David Caesar

Kate and Matt are thrown together on an unexpected road trip, and make a tragic discovery while investigating a cheating spouse. Chad's loyalties are tested when a good mate gets into financial strife. Jim gives Rick an ultimatum over saving the business and his relationship with Kate, and Claire makes a shock announcement that will change the future of Sapphire.

Guest Starring: Dena Kaplan as Minnesota Smith, Russell Kiefel as Hugh Goodman; Warwick Allsopp as Nathan Jackson, Michael Brownjohn as Mr Porter, Flavio Fedele as Seedy Local, Katie Fitchett as Amanda Jackson, Ben Marney as Small Child #1, Ethan Mereniuk as Small Child #2, Moana Page as Rachael the Barmaid, Adam Saunders as Brett Kinsela, Dawn Voss as Mrs Porter

Love Bites


Episode 5
Monday, June 11, 2012 (9.30)
1.091 million viewers (8th)*
Written by Fiona Kelly, Greg Haddrick
Directed by Catherine Millar

Kate is drawn into the world of high class male escorts while investigating a credit card fraud. A missing person case reminds Rick of the risks people take for love. Emma schemes to reunite her mum with Rick. Chad wins an unexpected bonus when he goes undercover as a gigolo, and Jim returns to work full-time, but has he still got what it takes?

Guest Starring: Dena Kaplan as Minnesota Smith, Lauren Clair as Jackie (Waitress #1); Alix Bidstrup as Alyssia, Clodagh Crowe as Leslie Saunders, Michael Cummes as John (Sommelier), Valentino del Toro as Carlos Tabia, Michelle Doake as Melanie Macontosh, Alexander England as Damien Wilson, Douglas Joseph as J.P., Matt Rossner as Jack Peters, Tai Scrivener as Gary Carter, Lachlan Smith as Harry Raymond, Rebecca Turner as Waitress #2, Annette Van Roden as Darleen, Sophie Vigors as Waitress #3

Note: when the ratings are adjusted for the actual broadcast time, this episode in truth only drew and audience of 682,000, good for 19th on the night (article).

Opportunity Knocks


Episode 6
Sunday, June 17, 2012
0.874 million viewers (8th)
Written by Michelle Offen
Directed by Catherine Millar

Matt and Rick go undercover on a major fraud case to impress Kate. Kate discovers the perks of tracking down a beautician with debts. Chad and Minnie have a showdown in court, with unexpected results. Jim is charmed by a famous footballer while investigating an insurance scam, and Matt gets more than he bargained for when he dares Kate to be more spontaneous.

Guest Starring: Dena Kaplan as Minnesota Smith, Jessica De Gouw as Yvette Bell; Clayton Adams as Wokka, Chrissie Antoniadis as Natasha West, Nicholas Cassim as Xavier Sunderland, Gig Clarke as Eliot Gilbert, Rick Donald as Drew Ballard, Aaron Glenane as Cam Sherrin, Nicky Curta as Lucinda Olivera, Cat Martin as Tina Lee, Nocholas Papademetriou as Tass Theophanous, Ashley Ricardo as Natasha Campbell, Frank Stead as Mr Pierce, Paul Wilson as Michael Hinde, Zach Zanetich as Rocco Olivera



Episode 7
Monday, June 18, 2012 (9:30)
1.336 million viewers (5th)
Written by John Misto and Jane Allen & Michelle Offen
Directed by Garth Maxwell

Matt is hired to locate a lottery winner by a woman determined to claim the prize from her missing husband. Kate's experience as a single mother affects her judgement in a tricky adoption case. Jim and Chad find themselves in a sticky situation when they repossess goods from the wrong house and Emma provides Kate with a series of headaches.

Guest Starring: Helen O'Connor as Jenny Doyle, Anna-Lisa Phillips as Lara Donnelly; Danielle Baynes as Rebecca Pryor, Bridget Crowley as Britnye Palmer, Craig Dortkamp as Fergus Pryor, Aldo Grech as Frank Mancuso, Matthew Hill as Wombat Robertson, Patti Howson as Edith Robertson, May Lloyd as Ros Donnelly, Mark McCann as Bruce (Publcian), Rebecca Massey as Gaye Hudson, Lindsay Moss as Campbell (Newsagent),

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