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Episode 2.04

Sun, November 28, 2021
343,000 viewers (11th)
Written by Angela Betzien
Directed by Wayne Blair

It's the day of the election — Alex and her team make a final push to win over the voters of Freeman, but a family emergency sends the campaign into chaos. With Alex's chances dashed, Rachel takes matters into her own hands.


  • Deborah Mailman as Alex Irving
  • Rachel Griffiths as Rachel Anderson
  • Rob Collins as Charlie Irving
  • Wayne Blair as Paul Murphy [x]
  • Rob Carlton as George Jeffries [x]
  • Alex Dimitriades as Nick Pearce
  • Daniela Farinacci as Philippa Bailey [x]
  • Lisa Flanagan as Faye Stanley
  • Colin Friels as Jack Ramsay [x]
  • Harry Greenwood as Leo Jacobs
  • Benedict Hardie as Shaun Keogh [x]
  • Anthony Hayes as Damien Bauer
  • Anita Hegh as Helena Rossi
  • Huw Higginson as Peter Solomon
  • William Mclnnes as Laurie Martin [x]
  • Wesley Patten as Eddie Irving
  • Vico Thai as Justin Yang [x]
  • Steph Tisdell as Joely McKinnon
  • Rodney Angel as Attendant
  • Cassandra Coleman as Journalist
  • Billie Jones as Kylie
  • Brenna Harding as Officer Riley
  • Fletcher Humphrys as Joshua Harvey
  • Coralie Hall as Townsperson
  • Patricia Karvelas as Broadcaster
  • Fran Kelly as as Broadcaster
  • Katharina Keil as Electoral Worker [Sheryl]
  • Stephen Leeder as Ivan
  • Marnie-Jayne McClelland as Store Owner
  • Demi Sorono as Alex Stunt Double
  • Sam Parsonson as Constable Hewitt
  • Malaki Williams as Clancy