Produced by Ambience Entertainment

Producers: Michael Boughen, Tony Winley
Executive Producers: Matthew Street, Kim Vecera, Christopher Mapp
Writers: Blake Ayshford, Alice Addison, Justin Monjo, Josh Mapleston
Director: Brendan Maher

Airing: Sat, April 23, 2016... (ABC3)

Adapted from the best-selling novel series by John Marsden, Tomorrow, When the War Began tells the story of a group of young friends whose lives are changed forever when their hometown becomes a war zone. Separated from their families they battle to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and discover that in order to save the things they hold most precious, they must be prepared to sacrifice everything.

Molly DanielsEllie Linton
Narek ArmanHomer Yannos
Fantine BanulskiRobyn Mathers
Andrew CreerKevin Holmes
Madeleine Clunies-RossFiona Maxwell
Madeleine MaddenCorrie Mackenzie
Jon PrasidaLee Takkam
Keith PurcellChris Maxwell
Alfred NicdaoUmar Takkam
Miles ParasTherese Takkam
Alison BellLiz Linton
Richard YoungJack Linton
Damien FotiouGeorge Yannos
Sibylla BuddRachel Maxwell
Spencer McLarenDaniel Maxwell
Deborah MailmanKath Mackenzie
James StewartThe Colonel
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cast photo
cast photo

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