Timothy: episode guide



Episode 1
October 08, 2014
Written by Tristram Baumber
Directed by Erin White

Melinda and Colin Garrett's 35-year-old son, Timothy, has returned to Wollongong. Unfortunately, his homecoming is under less than stellar circumstances, the result of bankruptcy and a mental breakdown in his former life as a corporate high-flyer in Hong Kong.

Apart from permanently sporting an old dressing gown, Timothy doesn't show many signs of the breakdown that landed him back in Wollongong. Timothy's therapist, however, insists that he is very fragile.

He drives his mother Melinda up the wall — rearranging her entire household, including the items in the kitchen according to buoyancy. He practices martial arts on the clothes line and only eats freshly killed Silver Carp which has to be procured on the Asian black market.

As much as Melinda would like the therapist to be wrong, she discovers that whenever she tries to gently "nudge" Timothy to change his ways, he is indeed worryingly delicate.

The road to recovery is long. That is, if recovery ever comes at all. And the road is paved with relapses, murdered Silver Carp and grandchildren who may never be able to visit again.

Cast: Stephen Curry as Timothy Garrett, Denise Scott as Melinda Garrett, Peter Rowsthorn as Colin Garrett, John Leary as Mike Schroeder, Lisbeth Kennelly as Dr Sandra Nelson, Natalie Medlock as Nurse