Executive Producer: Eric Tayler
Writers: Robert Caswell, Colin Free
Directors: Frank Charles Arnold, Carl Schultz

Aired: March 12 - May 28, 1980 (ABC)

A science fiction series centred around Douglas Hardy, a computer genius who is cryogenically frozen by corrupt politicians after being murdered. Hardy returns to seek his revenge and bring down the corrupt government. (12 x 50min)
Robert ColebyDouglas Hardy
John MeillonPremier Dakin
Vincent BallBoyd Mackiel
Kate SheilAngela Parker
Tony BarryInspector Warren
Anne CharlestonDell
Kerry FrancisDr. Fallon
Stephen GriffithsMartin
Matthew McGrathSandy

Episode List

  1. Subject Zero
  2. Mr. Twelve-Thirty-Eight
  3. The Russian Solution
  4. Trouble In Arcadia
  5. Vintage Year
  6. The Mexican Standoff
  7. A Deadly Shade Of Green
  8. United We Fall
  9. The Kill Directive
  10. Target Twelve-Thirty Eight
  11. The Irish Joke
  12. The Cuban Equation

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