The Strip: episode guide

Episode 1.01


Thu, September 04, 2008 (8.30pm)
1.452 million viewers (2nd)
Written by Michael Miller
Directed by Shawn Seet

The glittering Gold Coast strip is lined with glass towers. When a window cleaner falls to his death, the detectives at Main Beach CIB are called to investigate. Why was Milo, the window cleaner, murdered? Did his eternal quest for romance bring him trouble, or was it something he saw? As Detectives Cross and Tully delve into the window cleaner's life and work, they find a connection to 70s Gold Coast surfing legend, Bomber Davies.

Bomber has a beautiful young wife, Vanessa. She's everything a middle aged man would dream of. But others in Bomber's family aren't quite so enamoured. Bomber's son blames Vanessa for everything. She's a gold digging big-spender, but what's that got to do with the dead window cleaner?

Tully and Cross investigate the possibility that Bomber killed the window cleaner because Vanessa was emotionally involved with him. Cross can understand a husband's pain at the loss of the woman he loves. He's still smarting from his own wife's request for a divorce. When the popular surfie is found dead in a car, Cross and Tully wonder if Bomber topped himself out of guilt. The wife, Vanessa, seems to hold the answers, but she's not saying anything. Why not? Shame? Or a guilty secret?

Starring: Aaron Jeffery as Jack Cross, Vanessa Gray as Frances Tully, Frankie J. Holden as Max Nelson, Simone McAullay as Jessica Mackay, Bobby Morley as Tony Moretti

With: Alice Parkinson as Marcia Cross, Harold Hopkins as Bomber Davies, Renae Berry as Venessa Davies, Nicholas Cooper as Jim Davies, Luke Townsen as Paul Dangar; Candice Storey as Sascha Phillips, Valentino Del Toro as Eddie Vagg, Ellie Popov as Pink Poodle Hotel Manager, Craig Ingham as Gun Club Owner, Brendan Matthews as Crime Scene Officer, Dean Chimside as Milo Dangar, Dale-Andrew Mickelo as Mikey The Thug, Deryk Lock as Sammy The Thug

Music: "Real Good Time" performed by Ricki-Lee

Episode 1.02


Thu, September 11, 2008
1.248 million viewers (3rd)
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Ken Cameron

Murdered, chopped up, frozen. Chipped. And spread from one end of the Gold Coast to the other. But who would do that to a glamorous air hostess, and why?

Cross and Tully's search for Else Douglas's killer takes them from the jetsetting world of international flight attendants to the world of the body beautiful. Athletes and body builders striving for perfection, the perfectly sculpted physique, at any cost. That means steroids for some. But there's one antiageing, illegal performance enhancing wonder drug they're all dying to get their hands on…

When their first suspect turns up dead and Charlie Palmer, Tully's ex-partner-turned-private-eye arrives, Cross is unimpressed. He doesn't like Charlie much. But Tully does. A lot. She always did. And when their friendship turns into something more is Cross just a bit jealous? Or is there something more sinister going on? Something Charlie's not telling Tully?

With: Franko Milostnik as Ivan Ludwig Lazar, Andy Whitfield as Charlie Palmer, Jason Montgomery as Shaun Douglas, Bren Foster as Russell Keegan, Rhiannon Owen as Donna Clark, Michelle Cunningham as Danielle, Clinton Stewart as Gardener #1, Alex Domadgee as Gardener #2, Ozzie Devirish as Vladimir

Episode 1.03


Thu, September 18, 2008
1.038 million viewers (11th)
Written by Michael Miller
Directed by Shawn Seet

When a Russian entrepreneur, Aaron Katz, is mysteriously killed on the edge of a waterfront mansion, the detectives have little to go on. Tully and Cross investigate the victim's profile and discover that Katz was a ruthless man, his hands dirty with many crimes. Is rebirthing conflict diamonds one of them? And what or who is the local connection?

Charismatic nightclub owner, Ivan Lazar is also from Russia. He says he has no connection with Katz. But is that the truth?

The case becomes personal for Tully and Cross when one of their witnesses is killed and their quest for justice is obstructed. Tully and Cross suspect Lazar is behind it, but can they prove it?

With: Franko Milostnik as Ivan Ludwig Lazar, Alice Parkinson as Marcia Cross, Tahyna Tozzi as Kristal Cade, Jay Laga'aia as Joe Tahore/Frogman, Tony Thurbon as Max Isaacs, Joss McWilliam as Nigel Morgan, Fiona Walsh as Angie Tahore, Helen O'Leary as Johanna Cade, Ryan Goding as David, Gerard Caesar as Aaron Katz, Ashleigh Carr as Tina the Meter Maid, Mark Magee as Zen, Mark Davidson as Tou #1, Gary Atkinson as Sniper, Grant O'Rourke as Hans, Ozzie Devrish as Vladimir, Darrell Walshe as Cross Boat Double, Lachlan Taylor as Tully Boat Double, Cameron McKay as Joe Boat Double

Music: "I'd Die To Be With You Tonight" performed by Jimmy Barnes, "Turn Right at Midnight" performed by Roy Young

Episode 1.04


Thu, September 25, 2008
732,000 viewers (21st)
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Ken Cameron

Schoolies Week. The biggest annual event on The Strip and the biggest social event in a teenager's life. And when local girl Zoe De Luca is murdered during what was supposed to be the time of her life, every parent's worst nightmare. The press are all over the case and Nelson, whose own daughter is at Schoolies, is inundated with calls from panicking parents.

Tully and Cross talk to Zoe's large circle of friends. Her boyfriend, JJ, was passed out drunk in the next room. Distraught, he claims he remembers nothing. Her other friends paint a picture of a sweet, happy-go-lucky teenager, but why is there such a large amount of money in Zoe's bank account?

The investigation leads the detectives to a local "Toolie" and they discover that while teenagers might not have changed much, the world has. The internet has created a world where they can explore their sexuality and live out their every fantasy on line. But who is watching? And what happens when fantasy and reality collide? As Tully and Cross move in on the killer, Cross has to face his own reality. Will he ever reunite with Marcia? Or is he living in a fantasy world all his own?

With: Alice Parkinson as Marcia Cross, Lloyd Alison-Young as JJ, Sandro Colarelli as Tony De Luca, Indiana Evans as China Williams, Toby Truslove as Dayne Gibson, Akos Armont as Ryan Long, Libby Richmond as Kim Long, Jacki Mison as Michelle De Luca, Courtney Monsma as Mia De Long, Melanie Zanetti as Zoe De Luca, Ashleigh Carr as Tina The Meter Maid, Kristen Sorensen as Gretel/Kelly, Rita Artmann as Sapphire, Danny Magda as Benjamin Peters, Samantha Blanchard as Party Girl #1, Magenta Occhipinti as Party Girl #2

Episode 1.05


Thu, October 23, 2008
843,000 viewers (15th)
Written by John Ridley
Directed by Ian Barry

A sleek, mysterious yacht. A handsome, charming skipper. When a Maritime Services officer checking the yacht's bona fides winds up dead, Terry, the yacht's skipper, is only too happy to help. But is he who he says he is? And just what did happen to his crew out there in the Pacific Ocean?

While Terry's tall tales lead the detectives a merry dance, Cross's old nemeses, the Abruzzi brothers, arrive in town. They're not here for surf sun and fun — they've arrived with something more sinister in mind. Have they come looking for Jack Cross? And how are they connected to his past — the past he thought he'd left behind?

When a large quantity of cocaine is discovered on the yacht the detectives make the connection. Terry agrees there are better identities to steal than that of an international drug runner, and he has little choice but to help the cops in a sting. But can they trust this charming con man? He's let them down before.

Meanwhile, Cross comes face to face with the man who killed his partner. Question is, can he trust himself? Or will his lust for revenge push him over the edge?

With: Franko Milostnik as Ian Ludwig Lazar, Tanc Sade as Terry McCready, Mark Casamento as Guido Abruzzi, Christos Thomas as Carlo Abruzzi, Robert Diaz as Aggi Abruzzi, Hamish Douglas as Harry Cable, Ozzie Devrish as Vladimir

Music: "Get Up" performed by Tzu

Episode 1.06


Thu, October 16, 2008
1.041 million viewers (9th)
Written by Tim Pye
Directed by Shawn Seet

When a surfie dude is shot in broad daylight by a sniper, and a car dealer narrowly escapes a hand grenade blast, the cops have two people attacked in two days with military hardware. But is that the only connection they've got? Or is there something else going on?

While Mackay sets about organising a surprise birthday party for Tully (which is a surprise to nobody, including the birthday girl herself), Nelson steps out from behind his desk and flexes a bit of his own investigative muscle. Tully and Cross delve deeper into the two incidents and discover the link. An ad in an online magazine for soldiers of fortune — and their wannabes.

It leads them to Brett, who fancies himself a commando. Special forces. Black Ops. Done time in Iraq, he tells Tully when she goes undercover. The reality? A vicious pretender even the Army Reserve didn't want. Pretender or not, this man is dangerous. When Tully's cover is blown she has to fight for her life. Will she make it to her own party? Or will she never see another birthday again?

With: Anthony Gee as Brett Furhman, Luke Arnold as Muz, Evert McQueen as Lyle Tanner, Chris Power as Ben, Lauren O'Rourke as Sandy Tanner, Ryan Goding as Davo, Daryl Waters as Doggo, Damien Cassidy as Mick, Anne Doody as Waitress, Greg Stuart as Brett Double

Episode 1.07


Thu, October 02, 2008
883,000 viewers (15th)
Written by David Ogilvy
Directed by Shawn Seet

A pre-season football trip. A luxurious hotel. Overpaid, over-sexed sporting heroes, partying hard. When Blake Davis, football legend, turns up dead in the hotel spa Detectives Tully and Cross are called to investigate. But how did Charlie Palmer, Tully's ex-partner (and ex-lover) beat them to the crime scene?

The investigation becomes more complicated when an allegation of rape is made against the club's star player. But why did the victim call the club and not the cops? And why has she since disappeared? As the club draws its own close, Tully and Cross find it difficult to break through the ranks. Everyone seems to be singing from the same song sheet. But one of the younger recruits seems more upset than most. He was in the hotel spa with Blake just before he died. Does that mean the rumours about Blake's sexuality are true? Or was there someone else lurking in the spa that night? And where was Blake's wife when he died?

In the meantime, the sparks between Charlie and Tully reignite. Romance is back on the agenda, and Charlie makes Tully an offer she can't refuse. Will she sail into the sunset with Charlie by her side? Or will she say goodbye to Charlie forever? As the team packs up to fly home with no result in sight, another suspect surfaces. One who worships footballers as gods. And Tully and Cross discover that while some footballers may behave badly, it's the fans who will do anything for the club.

With: Andy Whitfield as Charlie Palmer, Dan Feuerriegel as Rhys Roberts, Edwina Ritchard as Rachel Marr, Martin Sacks as Keith Boswell, Tyrone Lindqvist as Angus Beaumont, Alexa Ashton as Ashley Davis, Joel Spreadborough as Cale Jackson, Lauren Brant as Hannah, Rennae Lister as Brooke, Chani Bayley as Bethany, Taela Bayley as Belinda

Music: "Get What You Want" performed by Operator Please

Episode 1.08


Thu, October 09, 2008
957,000 viewers (9th)
Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Ken Cameron

Fiona Worth is the closest you get to Gold Coast royalty. She's a self-made woman, a millionaire with a string of successful weight loss centres. So how and why does her son's partner, Julie, turn up dead in a local hotel room? Was this an accidental overdose, or something more sinister? Fiona just wants the best for her son. But Marcus is a handsome dreamer with big ideas and a big problem. Money. A distinct lack of it. And it doesn't help that Mum believes in tough love. She won't give him a cent more.

As the detectives investigate, they discover Julie turned the odd trick to support herself and Marcus. And her habit. But who was the mysterious high roller she was supposed to be hooking up with? The one who would put an end to their financial woes forever? Meanwhile, Mackay's growing crush sees her ask Nelson for some special time with Cross. Will she ever manage to impress him with more than just her brain?

When it becomes apparent that Julie's best friend, a former porn star, was somehow involved in Julie's death, Moretti trawls through DVDs of Cherry's "acting" career. He discovers the man who ordered the hit on Julie. And we see just how far Fiona's influence and reign extends.

With: Locky Nolan as Marcus Worth, Kelly Butler as Fiona Worth, Russell Smith as Graham Abbott, Gillian Alexy as Cherry Cunningham, Panda Likoudis as Tony Cameron, Daniel White as Emilio Faucet, Remi Broadway as Jake Cronin, Dean Tahana as Stud Muffin, Romy Poulier as Housekeeper, Kim Yin Chan as Karaoke Man #1, Michael J De Marinis as Karaoke Man #2, Vaughan Newman as Flirty Cop, Anna-Louise Kate Cheetham as Lawyer [Erica Ballard], Russell Ingram as Alex Mayo, Annette Can Moorsel as Tully Double, Karl Can Moorsel as Emilio Double, Joshua Elkington as Abbott Double

Music: "That Word (L.O.V.E)" performed by The Rockmelons, "Time" performed by Steve Balbi, "Promise" performed by Move Trees

Episode 1.09


Thu, October 30, 2008
950,000 viewers (8th)
Written by Justin Monjo
Directed by Ian Barry

Early morning sunshine. A glorious deserted beach. Detective Frances Tully is enjoying her morning run until she encounters a young girl, smeared with blood, standing in the surf. Where has she come from? And why can't she speak? The traumatised girl leads Tully to a nearby brothel. Inside Tully discovers three dead Russian prostitutes and one very unlucky john. Is this Lazar's handiwork? Or is someone trying to tell him something? And just what was a child doing in the brothel in the first place?

While Tully gets onto the Child Protection agency, the girl's mother arrives, furious, looking for her daughter. While Lena Ivanova and Tully face off over custody of the girl, Nelson is annoyed. There are too many Russians on his patch. There's been a shoot out at El Paradiso. And now there's another mysterious newcomer in town. Is he, as he says, a simple tourist? Or is he an old foe from Mother Russia come to extract revenge on Lazar? And what does he have to do with Katz and the missing diamonds?

Things get worse for Tully when the young girl is abducted from her foster home. A distraught Lena pleads with the detectives. She will give them Lazar if they find her daughter. But can they trust her? And just how far will a mother go to protect her child?

With: Alice Parkinson as Marcia Cross, Victoria Haralabidou as Lena Ivanova, Dominika Duchna as Paulina Ivanova, Franko Milostnik as Ivan Ludwig Lazar [uncredited], Vilya Morelle as Zakhar Bubnov, Christopher Sommers as Barry Barrington, Ryan Goding as Davo, Sam Valcke as Richard, Ray Tiernan as Crime Scene Photographer, Deborah Ann Hanley as Child Protection Caseworker, Ozzie Devrish as Vladimir, Chris Anderson as Bikie #1, Avelino Lescot as Stunt Bikie, Mick Van Moorsel as Moretti Driving Double, Greg Stuart as Bubnov Driving Double, Rick MacClure as Stunt Truck Driver.

Music: "Be Bad" performed by Lowrider

Episode 1.10


Thu, November 06, 2008 (8.30pm)
834,000 viewers (15th)
Written by Felicity Packard
Directed by Ken Cameron

A rich, hard-partying property developer is found dead in the canal. He's been bobbing about in the water for a couple of days. So why did his charismatic, fun loving wife not report him missing? Tully and Cross talk to the dead man's wife and discover her "close friend and adviser" is an internet psychic. How does he know things that only someone who's been to the crime scene would know? And how much influence does he extend over her?

The investigation reveals the victim, Alexander Mayo, borrowed heavily to finance and build his dream resort. But the financiers were foreclosing and there's been trouble on site. A bit of digging reveals the finance company is owned by Ivan Ludwig Lazar. Is he trying to become a legitimate businessman? Or is he up to his old tricks?

Meanwhile, Marcia is getting married again. Cross reckons he's over her once and for all. He's ready to move on. So when Gregor the psychic tells Mackay she needs to be bold in love, she seizes the opportunity — and a couple of vodka and tonics for courage — to blurt out her feelings. Will Cross succumb to Mackay's advance? And will he get to Marcia's wedding? Or will those troublesome tradesmen at the resort site give him just the excuse he needs?

With: Franko Milostnik as Ivan Ludwig Lazar, Alice Parkinson as Marcia Cross, Matthew Newton as Gregor Foxx, Zoe Tuckwell-Smith as Cassie Mayo, Matthew Boesenberg as Bernie Bedford, Peter Hardy as Colin Tully, Neil Young as Wayne, Chris Baz as Tom, Renee Bowen as Outrigger Lady, Ozzie Devrish as Vladimir, Sam Valcke as Richard, Paris Davey as Dimitri, Duncan Jones as Police Officer, Annette Van Moorsel as Tully Double, Greg Jones as Wayne Double

Episode 1.11


Thu, November 13, 2008 (10.30pm)
430,000 viewers (28th)
Written by John Ridley
Directed by Garth Maxwell

Beautiful young council worker by day, rock chick by night. How did Michelle end up floating in the blue waters off Point Danger? And why is she wearing just one magnificent diamond earring? Cross and Tully's investigation takes them back to the Paradiso, to Kristal and Lazar and an attractive new waitress, Amy. Sparks fly between Cross and Amy. Romantic sparks. But why does he find Amy, later, going through his garbage? And what's her connection to Tully?

The murder investigation leads the detectives back to an unsolved arson. A homeless man died in an insurance job that couldn't be proved. Was Michelle involved? And who were the fat cats that benefited from the huge insurance payout? Tully and Cross crash a glitzy party to find out. They mingle with the créme de la créme of the Strip's business elite, including Lazar. It looks like this dangerous criminal is trying to become a legitimate businessman. But which other surprising faces are at the party?

As Tully and Cross close in on Michelle's killer, Mackay tracks down the family of the man who died in the arson. But what will the budding attraction between Amy and Cross mean for her? Let alone Tully? Is there room for two women in Cross's life?

With: Franko Milostnik as Ivan Ludwig Lazar, Danielle Cormack as Amy, Tahyna Tozzi as Kristal Cade, Luke Pegler as Simon Yeldham, Michael Tuahine as Johnno, Jason Hayes as Brian Begley, Andrew Blaxland as Big Al, Ebony Worsley as Photographers Assistant, Noel Sheridan as Building Project Manager, Gregory C. Stone as Male Guest at Party, Ozzie Devrish as Vladimir, Elesia Iimura as E., Kathleen Simmonds as Juliet Barton, Warwick Comber as Felix Barton, Peter Adams as Kent, Darrell Walshe as Cross Double, Annette Van Moorsel as Tully/Amy Double, Mick Van Moorsel as Simon Driving Double, Scott McLean as Johnno Driving Double, Nathan Lawson as Mac Passenger Double

Music: "Take It From the Top" performed by Elesia Iimura, "Music Junkie" performed by Roy Young, "Lamplighter" performed by Roy Young

Episode 1.12


Thu, November 20, 2008 (10.30pm)
532,000 viewers (23rd)
Written by Tim Pye
Directed by Garth Maxwell

Mansions, mangroves, millionaires and super yachts. The exclusive community on Sovereign Islands is shocked when a body is discovered in a suitcase on a vacant lot. Identifying the victim proves next to impossible until Mackay comes up trumps. The young blonde girl had a yen for cosmetic surgery. And the serial numbers in her breast implants lead Tully and Cross to the handsome and urbane surgeon, Dr Timothy George. But Dr Tim has a surprise in store — the dead girl wasn't blonde. She was Japanese. Why would she want to disguise the fact she was Japanese? And what are her links with infamous Japanese crime lords, the Yakuza?

As Tully and Cross unravel the mysteries surrounding Numi, Cross's romance with Amy flourishes. It's making Tully uneasy. And Amy's investigations into Lazar are making Cross uneasy. He's concerned his new lover underestimates Lazar's ruthlessness. Is he being over-protective? Or could Amy's life really be in danger? As Lazar's push towards respectability gains momentum, Cross's concerns about Amy deepen. How far will Lazar go to transform himself from criminal to respectable businessman? And just what does Amy have on him that could bring his empire tumbling down?

With: Franko Milostnik as Ivan Ludwig Lazar, Danielle Cormack as Amy, Shingo Usami as Kenzo Matsuda, David Terry as Brian Milligan, Chris Hillier as Andrew Kingston, Viva Bianca as Serena, Hugh Parker as Dr Timothy George, Alyssa Jane Cook as Sam Gleeson, Fayssal Bazzi as Joe Abadi, Craig McConville as Builder, Magenta Occhipinto as Emma/Numi, Imogen Rogers as Clinic Receptionist, Ozzie Devrish as Vladimir

Episode 1.13 - series finale


Thu, November 27, 2008 (10.30pm)
345,000 viewers (33rd)
Written by Tim Pye
Directed by Shawn Seet

A disturbing phone call sees Cross and Tully race to Amy's apartment — only to find her missing and an intruder turning the place upside down. As Cross battles the intruder, the clock is ticking. He and Tully know they don't have much time to find — and save Amy. And they know only one man could have taken her — Lazar. When Amy turns up dead, the detectives are grief stricken. Cross has lost his lover, Tully her best friend. And not only is Lazar's transformation from Russian gangster to respectable businessman complete, he's about to leave the country with his establishment fiancée. Forever.

Desperate to bring Lazar down once and for all, the team now have to race to get him before he disappears overseas. They know he killed Amy. But they can't prove it. Yet. To make matters worse, nothing will stick to this suave Russian criminal. Even Kristal, abandoned for the new woman in his life, stands by her man. How far will Cross, overcome with anger and grief, go to get Lazar? And just what clue did Amy, knowing she was about to die, leave behind?

As Lazar's departure draws near, both the cops and Lazar become increasingly desperate. Guns are drawn, but as the shadows creep across the beach and the sun goes down in Paradise, who is shot? And who lives to fight another day?

With: Franko Milostnik as Ivan Ludwig Lazar, Danielle Cormack as Amy, Tahyna Tozzi as Kristal Cade, Manu Bennett as Brandon Bell, Kathleen Simmonds as Juliet Barton, Warwick Comber as Felix Barton, Ozzie Devrish as Vladimir, Remi Broadway as Jake Cronin, Ryan Goding as Davo, Fayssal Bazzi as Joe Abadi, Karlo Bran as Police Tech #1, Kerry Richards as Forensic Cop, Mark Theodossiou as Fisherman, Jason McFetridge as Bouncer, Darrell Walshe as Cross Double, Annette Van Moorsel as Cross Double, Jane Harman as Mackay Double, Greg Stuart as Moretti Double, Mick Glancy as Nelson Double, Nik Schodel as Lazar Double, Mick Van Moorsel as Joe Abadi Double, Shea Adams as Uniform Cop Double, Mik Schodel as Uniform Cop Double