Produced by 0-Ten Network, South Pacific Films, and Paramount Pictures TV

Created by: Michael Lawrence
Original series concept: Roger Mirams
Producer: Roger Mirams
Directors: Rick Birch, Bill Hughes, Peter Maxwell, Howard Rubie

Aired: 1975 (26 episodes)

Five children travelling on a ship sailing around the world are shipwrecked on an island where the inhabitants are lost in time, ruled over by a mysterious "Q".
Tony HughesTony
Jane VallisAnna
Robert EdgingtonDavid
Amanda MaSu Ying
Chris BenaudMark
Margaret NelsonHelen Quinn
Rodney BellAaron Quinn
Michael HowardJason Quinn
Ric HuttonPrime Minister Rufus Quad
Ron BlanchardQuell
Frank GallacherQuig
Willie FennellJeremiah Quizzel
Ron HaddrickThe Q
Cornelia FrancesElizabeth Quinn
Don PascoeAdam Quinn
Wallas EatonMr. Quilter
Harold HopkinsThomas Quick
Ted OgdenHermit

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