Produced by Aquarius Films

Producers: Polly Staniford, Angie Fielder
Writers: Jessica Redenbach, Roger Monk, Vonne Patiag
Directors: Natalie Bailey, Melvin Montalban

Aired: June 03 - 24, 2021 (SBS)

When a $16 million necklace is taken from self-made businesswoman Roxanne Waters’ home in an elaborate heist, the ensuing police investigation exposes cracks in Eastern Sydney’s sparkling façade. With the stakes higher than ever, can the masterminds stop themselves from turning on each other, or will they discover a friendship worth more than diamonds?
Miranda OttoSara Beasley
Aina DumlaoEvie De La Rosa
Michelle Vergara MooreRoxanne Waters
Lena CruzAmy
Susana DownesGigi Bulseco
Toby Leonard MooreJordan Waters
Matt DayGarth Rochford
Peter O'BrienNick Parker Smith
Andrea DemetriadesMartha Drewe
Sandy GoreJeannie Waters
James LugtonDetective Andrew Moran
Renee LimDetective Claudia Lin
Heather MitchellBirdie

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