The Tourist: cast

Series 1 | Series 2

Jamie Dornan as 'The Man’

When we meet The Man, he’s forgotten who he is. Everything from his past — wiped. He’ll be forced to reckon with past actions he has no recollection of, and over the course of six episodes, wrestle with whether the person he was is the person he is now.

Danielle MacDonald as Helen Chambers

A Probationary Constable in the Cooper Springs police force, Helen is earnest and eager to please, locked in a self-conscious struggle with her weight. Helen’s struggle will be having the confidence to trust her instincts — which are far more perceptive than she realises.

Shalom Brune-Franklin as Luci Miller

A young woman working in a diner in a one-horse town in the middle of nowhere, Luci has an acerbic wit and an infectious energy. But Luci is hiding a past that will become clearer as the series goes on, a past that places her at the centre of some very dangerous situations.

Damon Herriman as Detective Inspector Lachlan Rogers

A no-bullshit police officer, Lachlan leads Major Crime for the state police. As one of the most highly regarded detective inspectors in Australia, he bears the confidence that comes with this.

Alex Dimitriades as Kosta Panigiris

A Greek man now living in Hong Kong, Kosta’s wealth and power have always allowed him to keep at arm’s length from the messier side of his nefarious business. Neither his capacity for brutality nor his intelligence (both of which got him where he is now) should be underestimated.

Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as Billy Nixon

Billy is an American man who runs a trucking distribution company on the outskirts of the small city of Cooper Springs. His appearance and his cool tempered voice belie a sinister mind beneath.

Kamil Ellis as Sergeant Lammon

An easy-going cop in the sleepy tourist town of Burnt Ridge, where nothing bad ever really happens. His personable, small-town attitude to policing is at odds with the serious detectives from Major Crimes that he’ll be forced to work with.

  • Supporting Cast (incomplete):

  • Genevieve Lemon
    as Sue

  • Danny Adcock
    as Ralph

  • Jasper Bagg
    as Tony (Cashier)

  • Ansuya Nathan
    as Cath Bauri

  • Greg Larsen
    as Ethan Krum

  • Damien Strouthos
    as Marko

  • Jeanette Cronin
    as Sandy

  • Bessie Holland
    as Andrea (Trim Team)

  • Rhonda Doyle
    as Constable Carter

  • Victoria Haralabidou
    as Lena Pascal

  • Brett Blake
    as Danny

  • Natasha Wanganeen
    as CCTV Gift Shop Employee

  • Benedict Hardie
    as Justin

  • Adam Hetherington
    as Kevin (Truck Driver)

  • David Collins
    as Arlo Dobson/Colin Callend

  • Shane Dundas
    as Jesse Dobson

  • Maria Mercedes
    as Freddie Lanagan

  • Alex Andreas
    as Dimitri

  • Nick Annas
    as Young Kosta Panigiris

  • Tony Nikolakopoulos
    as Nico

  • Stephen Hunter
    as McCoy

  • Kabir Singh
    as Ahura

  • Clayton Dunn
    as Mechanic

  • Kyle Robertson
    as Dusty Moon Motel Receptionist

  • Luca Sardelis
    as Kate (Server)

  • Nathan Page
    as Constable Alex

  • Purima Flanagan
    as Kanha

  • Renee Lim
    as Marnie Brown

  • Gerald Lally
    as Person at Servo

  • Elena Carapetis
    as Sergeant Pam Renton

  • William Zappa
    as Elliot's Dad

  • Chika Ikogwe
    as Ashleigh

  • Aubrey Gardner
    as Luci's Dad

  • Chris Duncan
    as Senior Major Crimes Officer

  • Chad Michael
    as Kevin (Weather Reporter)

  • Melanie Munt
    as Hilary (News Reporter)

  • Lori Bell
    as 24 Hour Servo Cashier

  • Nathan Waring
    as Sergeant Morgan

  • Chrissie Page
    as Jean (Ronny's)

  • Roel Voorbij
    as Avery the Chef

  • Max Brown
    as Nathan Wong

  • Kavitha Anandasivam
    as Constable Peters