The Tourist: episode guide

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Series 2

Writers: Harry and Jack Williams
Directors: Fergus O’Brien, Lisa Mulcahy, Kate Dolan

After their adventure in the Australian Outback, Elliot and Helen travel to Ireland. In an attempt to rediscover Elliot’s roots following his memory loss, they’re dragged into the dangerous whirlwind of his past life and are confronted by friends and foes both old and new, including Niamh Cassidy and the McDonnell family. Detective Ruairi Slater becomes embroiled in the crossfire between the McDonnells and the Cassidys as the secrets of the family rivalry unravel.


  • Jamie Dornan as Elliot
  • Danielle MacDonald as Helen Chambers
  • Conor MacNeill as Detective Ruairi Slater
  • Olwen Fouére as Niamh Cassidy
  • Francis Magee as Frank McDonnell
  • Mark McKenna as Fergal McDonnell
  • Diarmaid Murtagh as Donal McDonnell
  • Nessa Matthews as Orla McDonnell
  • Greg Larsen as Ethan Krum