Produced by Ludo Studio and Media World Pictures

Creators: Daley Pearson, Charlie Aspinwall
Producers: Charlie Aspinwall, Colin South
Writers: Daley Pearson, Luke Tierney, John McGeachin, Brendan Luno, Tim Bain
Directors: Scott Vanden Bosch, Daley Pearson
Aired: October 31, 2019... (ABC Me)

Two teenage wannabe warrior-heroes and a spirited ghost girl master the skills they need to replace an ageing monster-slayer by doing his supernatural chores. (52x11min)

Julian DennisonPierce (1)
Cash Gallagher-RuruPierce (2)
Charlotte NicdaoQue
Michael PhilippouCharlie
Nick TateHelsing
cast photo

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