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The Secret Life Of Us: A Novel - by Evan Wylde

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Welcome to THE SECRET LIFE OF US, the sensational Australian drama that strikes a chord with anyone who's had to deal with life's harsh realities. Telling the lives, loves and losses of a group of nine urban twenty-somethings living in Melbourne, the elation, insecurities, agony and ecstasy of riding the emotional rollercoaster are perfectly captured as the group attempts to navigate the tangled web that is life.

Now, for the first time, read the novel you see the budding author Evan writing in the series. Drawing on his own life and those of his friends as inspiration, the characters and events from the show take on a new life as their stories unfold on the page, and the complete paradox of life as a generation 'Y-er' is wickedly unravelled. Smart, sassy and sexy, THE SECRET LIFE OF US is essential reading for anyone who has experienced the emotional ups and downs of work, relationships, friends… life in general.

Paperback - 270 pages TV Tie-in Ed (9 August, 2002)
Channel 4 books
ISBN: 0752265040

The Secret Life Of Us (2CD)

album cover
01Motor AceDeath Defy
0278 SaabKarma Package Deal
04Magic DirtPace It
05Sounds Like SunsetEach Time You Smile
06The DaisycuttersSick Day
07PollyannaParticular People
08Something For KateYou Only Hide
09Abi TuckerEverybody
10Pound SystemKnow Who You Are
11Machine Gun FellatioNot Afraid Of Romance
12Not From ThereFrisco Disco
13On IncSize Does Matter
14TitanicsSet The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
15SnoutTomorrow We Sing
01Abi TuckerEverything
02Wicked Beat Sound SystemI Don't Wanna Know
04Machine Gun FellatioUnsent Letter
05WaikikiLove Is…
07Leonardo's BrideDreamship
0978 SaabIris Ann
10Paul Kelly w/ Monique BrumbyMelting
11Christine AnuBeat Of Your Heart
12Suzie Higgie & Wicked Beat Sound SystemIn Between Worlds
13Jackie BristowStay With You
14Butterfly 9Goodnight

The Secret Life Of Us: Volume 2

album cover
1WaikikiNew Technology
2Eskimo JoePlanet Earth
3Killing HeidiHeavensent
4Something For KateMonsters
5GeorgeSpecial Ones
6SnoutMiracle Of Nature
7Paulmac w/ Peta MorrisThe Sound Of Breaking Up
8GerlingDust Me Selecta
9Lazy SusanClumsy (Long Lost Mix)
10The SuperjesusSecond Sun
11Wicked Beat Sound SystemI Want To
12Anika MoaFalling In Love Again
13On IncI'm Walking (And You Want Me) (Edit)
14Abby DobsonDon't Ask For More
15Motor AceDeath Defy
*?1000 Times (hidden track)

The Secret Life Of Us: Volume 3

album cover
178 SaabNo Illusions
2The AnyonesPocket
3Magic DirtWatch Out Boys
4Eskimo JoeSmoke
5Wicked Beat Sound SystemFree Your Mind
6Kylie MinoguePaper Dolls
7The VinesAutumn Shade
8Abby DobsonI'm Not Missing You
9Lazy SusanWasting Time
10Matt HandleyDon't Flinch
11The TulipsFollow Me Down
12OrigeneStone Age Dream
13The Calculators with AdalitaCellophane
14Ross McLennanWhat Kinda Friends Are We?
15Mandy KaneTraces
16Pinky BeecroftDon't Go There
17Dean ManningHow Love Came Into The World
18WaikikiYou're Still Good
19Paul DempseyStunt Show (accoustic)
20My Friend The Chocolate CakeIts All In The Way