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Secret Samuel to quit

SAMUEL Johnson, thrust to fame as the self-indulgent author Evan in Channel 10's series The Secret Life Of Us, is to call it quits.

He is also going to can his lucrative voiceovers for hamburger chain Hungry Jacks.

"I have to decide (whether) to sit on it while it sinks or do I want to get off while it's still a cruise liner," he said.

With a week of filming left for the third year of the series, which traces the lives of a group of young people looking for love, sex, romance and success, Johnson said he had become bored with the Evan character.

"I'm annoyed with him now. He gives me the irits, he hasn't grown a lot," he said.

Johnson's voice has also been in big demand for television advertisers, something else he is going to put an end to.

"That's all stopping. I've terminated all my contracts," he said.

June 29, 2003
The Daily Telegraph


"And in a surprise turnaround, Samuel Johnson, who had indicated he would quit the series, will be back.

But like Claudia Karvan this year, Johnson may not star in all the 22 new episodes."

August 02, 2003
The Herald Sun