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Joel's becoming a big wheel

JOEL Edgerton is a rising star already, and he is about to get even bigger.

The Secret Life of Us star will head to Hollywood to meet with the industry on the back of a part in Star Wars Episode II , which will be released in May.

It is believed he will take time off from Secret Life Of Us, but not leave for good.

Yesterday the 27-year-stepped back to his childhood to help promote the skateboarding Globe World Cup, which is being held at Melbourne Park this weekend.

In his home town of Dural in New South Wales, he used to skate all the time.

"We were on it every spare moment we had," he said.

Much like Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce, Edgerton is not attracted to the so-called glamour aspect of the movie industry overseas.

"My feelings are if I want to work abroad, I'd rather create my own terms to do that," he said.

"I like Guy Pearce's mentality. "He goes and does his work and then comes back."

Edgerton said his role in Star Wars was just "awesome."

"It was a wild experience, just to know I was part of it."

He is already receiving fan mail from Star Wars fans in the United States and Germany.

Edgerton said the whole cast of Secret Life Of Us is looking forward to it returning on Monday night.

He is not surprised by the show's success.

"I always had a lot of faith in it, I just didn't know it was going to latch on as well as it did," he said.

By Luke Dennehy
February 15, 2002
The Herald Sun