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Abi leaves, but Life goes on

Prepare to say goodbye to another of the original cast members from TV hit The Secret Life Of Us.

Following the departures of Joel Edgerton, Damian de Montemas, Claudia Karvan and guest star Vince Colosimo, it is Abi Tucker's turn to quit the ultra-hip Network Ten series.

Abi, who is keen to focus on her music career, has mixed feelings about leaving her role of Miranda Lang. "It was such a great show to work on, but I needed to tip the scales," she says. "As much as I was sad to go, it was time for me to do so."

Known for her roles in series such as Wildside and Heartbreak High before joining the cast of The Secret Life Of Us, Abi relished playing the bubbly Miranda—who recently fell for a woman named Chloe (played by former Something In The Air star Nina Liu).

"The thing I loved about Miranda is that she always knew what she wanted to do, but sometimes didn't know how to go about it," Abi says. "I loved all the nooks and crannies in the stuff she went through. It was a great journey to go on.

"I've always liked roles you can sink your teeth into, and I've just been really lucky to get the roles I've had. Hopefully, the right role will come along again."

Music has always been important to Abi. Her song Everything was well received by critics and the public, and she hopes to release an album later in the year.

"I've been working consistently on the music and have things in the pipeline," she says. "It takes time to develop an album—it's a mixture of so many different ideas and lots of great people."

As for whether Miranda might one day return to that oh-so-cool St Kilda apartment block, her portrayer will never say never. "You never rule anything out," Abi says.

TV Week
May 2003