Produced by Millennium Pictures Pty Ltd

Creators:Karl Zwicky, Margarita Tassone
Producers: Posie Graeme-Evans, Andrew Blaxland
Director: Karl Zwicky
Writers: Anthony Ellis, Ray Harding, P.J. Hogan, Richard Tulloch, Alister Webb
Original Music: Chris Harriott

Aired: 1991, 1992 (Ten)

The Miraculous Mellops concerns the Mellop family. Father Bill Mellop runs a nursery, aided by his children - Samantha, Michael, Jason and his sister Jocelyn. After the recent death of their mother, Jocelyn acts as housekeeper. A strange star arrives from space and confers uncanny powers on the children and their surroundings. The visitors from outer space complicate the struggle the Mellops already have on their hands with neighbour Bernie Dump, who wants to take over the land which houses the nursery. (40x30min)
Troy BeckwithMichael Mellop
Davud WaltersJason Mellop
Sally WarwickSamantha Mellop
Bill ConnBill Mellop
Julie GodfreyAunt Jocelyn
Max PhippsBernie Dump
Michela NoonanHarmony Dump
Ilan OstroveDarren Dump
Drew ForsytheRalph
Kim WalshJane

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