Produced by Lingo Pictures

ABC Exec. Producers: Sally Riley, Rebecca Anderson
Exec. Producers: Helen Bowden, Sarah Lambert, Jason Stephens
Exec. Producers: Daniel Nettheim, Markus Zusak, Mika Zusakn
Producers: Jason Stephens, Elisa Argenzio
Writers: Sarah Lambert, Kirsty Fisher, Kim Wilson, Magda Wozniak
Directors: Daniel Nettheim, Jennifer Leacey, Helena Brooks

Aired: May 14 - July 02, 2023 (ABC)

Ed Kennedy is just another stupid human, until one day he isn’t. That day, he stops an armed robbery and becomes an accidental hero. The next day, playing cards inscribed with cryptic tasks start to arrive in the mail. Who’s sending them? And what the hell is a hopeless, cab-driving, guy like Ed meant to do with them? Ed has been chosen to care. He stumbles this mysterious path, helping and hurting, completing the cards, until he comes to see the real message has been for him. Being The Messenger has brought Ed back to life. An adaptation of Markus Zusak’s best-selling novel. (8x52min)
William MckennaEd Kennedy
Alexandra JensenAudrey Singer
Chris AlosioMarv Leota
Kartanya MaynardRitchie Moran
Maggie DenceMilla Roseby
Jack FinstererGregor Kennedy
Rebecca MasseyBev Kennedy
Felix WilliamsonDon King
Emmanuelle MattanaSophie
Stephen HunterVin Moran
Sandy GreenwoodTanya Moran
Anapela PolataivaoOlivia Leota
David FaneSal Leota
Justin SmithSnr Sergeant Hal Kaine
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