The Letdown: episode guide



Episode 1.01
Wed, May 04, 2016
Wed, October 25, 2017
Written by Sarah Scheller & Alison Bell
Directed by Trent O'Donnell

The Letdown is a comedy about Audrey (Alison Bell), a struggling new mum, and the local support group she thinks she doesn't need. Determined not to be defined by her new role, Audrey's first encounter with the local Mothers Group is a disaster. She leaves humiliated with a quiet resolve never to return. But Audrey's attempt to reconnect with her old life (not least her sex life) is even more of a disaster and it's not long before Audrey realises she may be in the market for a new support team after all. Her sanity might just depend on it.

Cast: Alison Bell, Noni Hazlehurst, Celeste Barber, Lucy Durack, Leon Ford, Sacha Horler, Ewen Leslie, Taylor Ferguson, Leah Vandenberg, Patrick Brammall, Brendan Cowell, Gareth Davies, Rachel Gordon, Ming-Zhu Hii, Greg Larsen, Claire Lovering, Sarah Peirse, Georgia Scott, Kate Bookallil, Alice McCarthy, Al Morrow, Sarah Scheller, Henry O'Donnell, Indigo Marshall, Henry Stone, Jerusha Sutton, Eva Jay Davis, Polly Durack Horsey, Remy McCathy Brooks, Tommy Macguire

Episode 1.02

Wed, November 01, 2017
Written by Sarah Scheller & Alison Bell
Directed by Trent O'Donnell

Parents Group triggers a reverse anxiety in Audrey when she realises she's the only one who isn't following a parenting book. Misinterpreting Ambrose's book club theme, Audrey brings Frankenstein … honest mistake or searing metaphor? Either way it throws Audrey in a spin. Is her relaxed attitude simply bad parenting?

She heads for the nearest bookshop, but is quickly caught out by Sophie. She begrudgingly agrees to borrow Sophie's stack of parenting manuals.

Determined to get Stevie in a routine and restore some dignity at Parents Group, Audrey hits the books and it's not long before she's slipping into old habits — scrawling illegible study notes, drinking instant coffee, working late into the night. A nightmare of (romantic) gothic proportions awaits…

Night one of sleep training begins well enough but tensions soon rise when partner Jeremy proves a sleepy and ineffective wingman. By night two, Jeremy starts to question whether he's match-fit for fatherhood and night three brings much of the same, only worse; less sleep, more tears, self-loathing and another confession from Jeremy.

Sophie invites Audrey to a Parents at the Pics movie for 'social outing' time. But when Sophie falsely accuses a man of inappropriately gawking at a breastfeeding Audrey, things go awry.

Later that night, Audrey settles Stevie to sleep. And, just when peace and calm in the house is restored, there's a knock at the door… the in-laws arrive.


Episode 1.03

Wed, November 08, 2017
Written by Sarah Scheller & Alison Bell
Directed by Trent O'Donnell

When Jeremy's parents turn up uninvited, Audrey is forced to deploy some masterful restraint when it comes to mother-in-law Carol's intrusive and out-dated parenting advice.

Jeremy bears the brunt of Audrey's repression and when his behaviour starts to mirror that of his monosyllabic, undomesticated father Gene, Audrey glimpses a future she neither recognises, nor signed up for. The timing of the in-laws' visit, coinciding with the anniversary of her dad's death, does not help.

Meanwhile, single parent Martha struggles to manage solo parenting, financial pressures and her sperm donor (would be dad) Dave. The two wind up in mediation to clarify their boundaries and revisit their sperm donor agreement. Feelings are hurt and the two leave achieving very little.

But when Martha bumps into a reflective Audrey at the pub, she leaves second-guessing her treatment of Dave.

Later that night, Jeremy is left to deal with another failed sex attempt, alone on the couch. That is, until he's not alone.

On a rare night out together, Jeremy and Audrey resolve to avoid the pitfalls of their parents' parenting and do things their own way. But first, if Audrey could just attend Sunday Mass with the in-laws, that would mean a lot.

With the in-laws leaving, Gene presents Audrey with her family tree. It's emotional and powerful, for a brief moment. Gene's good with ancestry research, but not so good with names it turns out.