Produced by Barron Entertainment Ltd

Created by: David Ogilvy
Produced by: Barbi Taylor and Paul D Barron
Executive Producers: Paul D. Barron, Claire Henderson, John Hugginson, Joan Peters, Madeleine Warburg
Directors: Kendal Flanagan, Mark DeFriest, Alicia Walsh, Lis Hoffmann, Steven Peddie
Writers: David Ogilvy, Piers Hobson, Jenny Lewis, Ron Elliott, Ysabelle Dean, Barbara Bishop,
Annie Fox, Ingle Knight, John Coulter, Victoria Osborne, Geraldine Mellet, Annie Beach, Philip Jeng Kane

Aired: 1997

How would you like to be a 13-year-old child and be handed the gift of your dreams; a gift so special it has the potential to make you everything you ever wanted to be. On the other hand, how would you like to be one of the poor, tortured suckers who is condemned to accompany the gift, and keep the 13-year-old child on the straight and narrow, or else suffer the indignity of being transformed into a cockroach, cane toad or a squishy blob on the bottom of your shoe…! (26 x 24 min)
Kazimir SasHenry Elgin
Claire SpruntJess
Peter RowsthornRaff
Kate BeahanEnzo
Nicolette FindlayEdwina
Joseph AtherdenPhillip
Clinton VossDesmond Elgin
Gillian AlexySharon Harris
Kahn Best [Khan Chittenden]Leo McCormick
Igor SasRobert Elgin
Kahren HamptonHelen Harris