The Gamers 2037: cast

  • Cast:

  • Miah Madden
    as Kite Walker

  • Marvin Rowland
    as Galahad Bonavich

  • Ashleigh Ross
    as Xeon

  • Keaton Stewart
    as Game Master

  • Grace Smith
    as Tok Tik

  • Isabella Dougall
    as The Professor

  • Laura Murphy
    as Maeve

  • Rupert Reid
    as Marvin

  • Damian Hempstead
    as Noah

  • Ursula Yovich
    as Kite's Mum

  • ?
    as Kite's Dad

  • Sarah Spackman
    as Computer Voice
    [voice over]

  • Daniel Oates
    as Announcer Voice
    [voice over]

  • Emma Dunne
    as Galahad's Mum
    [voice over]

  • Monica O'Brien
    as Xeon's Mum
    [voice over]

  • John Unwin
    as Xeon's Dad
    [voice over]

  • Mark Walmsley
    as News Reader Voice
    [voice over]