The Cutting Room: episode guide

Last Breakfast In Paradise

Broadcast: December 18, 1985 (ABC)
Original release: 1982
Produced by Smiley Films
Producer: Richard Brennan
Writer: Meg Stewart
Director: Meg Stewart

Lovers turned to friends who can't bear to say goodbye, Stephen and Angela are caught in a web of familiarity and affecton spun out of words. The threads come loose during the couple's brief sojourn in a Surfers Paradise high-rise. (48min)

Cast: Penne Hackforth-Jones as Angela Jones, John Hargreaves as Stephen Smith, Esben Storm

Out of It

Broadcast: January 01, 1986 (9:45)
Original release: June 27, 1977
Producer: Ken Cameron
Writer: Ken Cameron
Director: Ken Cameron

Larry, Warren and Tony are three friends living the industrialised western suburbs of Sydney, bored by their lives and the kind of work available to them via their car-wrecking yard boss Boyle. So instead of working, they strip stolen cars. but when things go wrong, the trio decide to hit the road. (52 min)

Cast: Glenn Mason as Larry, Chris Haywood as Warren, George Spartels as Tony, Martin Harris as Boyle, Terry Camilleri as Jacko, Saviour Sammut as Ferret, Arna-Maria Winchester as Hitch-Hiker, Margaret Nelson as Wendy

The Singer and the Dancer

Broadcast: January 08, 1986
Original release: 1976
Producer: Gillian Armstrong
Writers: Gillian Armstrong, John Pleffer
Director: Gillian Armstrong

An elderly woman who is treated as a simple-minded invalid by her family, periodically escapes to sit by the river and listen to the races on her radio. There she befriends Charlie, a young woman from the city who has come with her husband to seek a new life in the country. The two women talk about their lives, and it becomes clear to them both that their experiences are parallel: both are abused by unfaithful and boorish husbands, and yet both are totally dependent on their men for any form of social fulfilment.

Cast: Ruth Cracknell as Mrs. Bilson, Elizabeth Crosby as Charlie, Russell Kiefel as Pete, Jude Kuring as Mrs. Herbert, Gerry Duggan as Doctor, Julie Dawson as Mrs. Rogers, Kate Sheil as Yong Mrs Bilson, Rob Steele as Jim Bilson, Kerry Walker as Rose Buckley

Temperament Unsuited

Broadcast: January 15, 1986
Original release: 1978
Writer: Ken Cameron
Director: Ken Cameron

A student teacher doesn't accept the teaching methods to be found in a traditional school situation, or the way the principal runs the show. He decides to explore alternative strategies in his drama classes, and along the way gets entangled with other members of the teaching staff, including a brief fling with his supervising English teacher Anne

Cast: Steve J. Spears as Mark, Robyn Nevin as Anne, Deborah Kennedy as Christine, Ken Goodlet as Ted 'Seedy' Yates, Peter Carroll as Ross Elliot, Jude Kuring as Ms Redmond, Victoria Nicholls as Karen, Paul Mason, Jenny McNae, Max Phipps, Phil Ross, Don Reid, Jacqueline Kott, Tony Sheldon, Kay Self, Basia Bonkowski

Come Out Fighting

Broadcast: January 22, 1986
Original release: July 1973
Producer: Nigel Buesst
Writer: Harry Martin
Director: Nigel Buesst

Tells of the conflicts facing Al 'The Bomb' Dawson, a rising Aboriginal boxer preparing to make a challenge for the championship. Despite his trainer's efforts to keep him free from distractions, Al finds a girlfriend among a group of activist University students who use him for an Aboriginal rights campaign. At the same time, his own people criticise him for turning his back on his kin for the sake of a shot at the world welterweight title.

Cast: Micheal Karpaney as Al Dawson, Joey Collins as Eddie, Bethany Lee as Susan Parker, Cliff Neate as Stan Harkness, Peter Green as Rocko Garibaldi, Bob Horsfall as Phil Bench, Brian Torrens as Carl Price, Peter Adams as Garry Day, Martin Phelan as Student, Harry Williams as Aboriginal Drinker, Max Pescud as Trainer, Bert Williams as Aboriginal Drinker, Kris McQuade as Sporting World Hostess, John Jacobs as Trainer, John Duigan as Student