The Aunty Jack Show: episode guide

Series 1

Aunty Jack's Travelling Show

unaired pilot


The Aunty Jack Radio Show

Episode 1.01
Thu, November 16, 1972

Aunty Jack and her gang take on talk-back radio shows.

The Aunty Jack War Show

Episode 1.02
Thu, November 23, 1972

Aunty Jack re-visits all the wars since the Trojan affair. A secret documentary unearths the man who choreographed World War Two. Narrator Neville poses the age old riddle — where would we be without walls?

The Aunty Jack Kulture Show

Episode 1.03
Thu, November 30, 1972

The Aunty Jack Show takes a serious turn from which it hardly recovers. There are Italian lessons for the jet-setter and Gaelic lessons for the Irish Setter. Two genuine diggers fill us in on how ordinary great people really are.

The Aunty Jack Anonymous Show

Episode 1.04
Thu, December 7, 1972

The first successful attempt by a television program to remain completely anonymous. Throughout the program, not one person is named. Who is Spider Farrelly? You may well ask! The Aunty Jack Show will not give you the answer.

The Aunty Jack Family Show

Episode 1.05
Thu, December 14, 1972

Aunty Jack this week introduces you to her remarkable family — Australia's first Royal Family. There's a two minute, twelve part historical series in one act and Australia's other first family — the Ken Howard Family.

The Aunty Jack Sex Show

Episode 1.06
Thu, December 21, 1972

Put the toddlers in the kitchen. Check the street for the Vice Squad, as The Aunty Jack Show goes erotic.

The Aunty Jack Horror Show

Episode 1.07
Thu, December 28, 1972

Scudding clouds veil a full moon as three cloaked figures struggle up a windswept road burdened by the weight of an outsized coffin... but who is inside?

Series 2

The Channel 9 Show

Episode 2.01
October 25, 1973

Boardroom executives at Channel 9 decide to streamline the character of Aunty Jack and present the new-look Aunty Jack Show, with Kid Eager disguised as Aunty Jack. Naturally, Aunty Jack will not tolerate such behaviour! Other sketches include Gong Fu versus the Nowra Ninja and the first episode of the regular segment, 'What's On In Wollongong'.

The Iron Maiden Show

Episode 2.02
November 01, 1973

Aunty Jack, the true heir to the throne of Wollongong, looks back on the traumatic time when, as Princess Jack, she was forced to flee The Gong after 'things' (foreigners) kidnapped her parents. She journeys to North Wollongong (London), where she attempts to prevent the influx of any further 'things' before returning to Port Kembla to be reunited with her parents. Meanwhile, Kev Kavanagh is in London on an experimental butchers' grant, and the rest of the team join the Dorothy Dix 3-ring circus.

The Golden Glove Show

Episode 2.03
November 08, 1973

This episode re-creates the exciting moments when Aunty Jack first won the world heavyweight boxing title. When Thin Arthur reveals that her boxing glove has magic powers, Kid Eager decides to steal it. Meanwhile, Flange Desire decides to marry the Kid for his money, so Aunty Jack and Thin Arthur promptly engage him in a card game to make sure his money goes to them instead.

The Ear, Nose & Throat Show

Episode 2.04
November 15, 1973

Kid Eager has a solution to the bane of Aunty Jack's femininity — her moustache. It has to come off! When all efforts to remove it fail, the Kid, Flange and Arthur are shrunk to microscopic size and climb into the moustache — and are then accidentally swallowed. They take a tour of Aunty Jack's insides, including the brain. The program also looks at the five-year bus driver degree course.

The Little Lovelies' Show

Episode 2.05
November 22, 1973

Aunty Jack is plagued by her own ghost, but the rest of the team manage to protect her. The program also features a magic 'New Faces' show hosted by Norman Tavistock — a daring World War II air-raid and parachute exercise — and a wild Aunty Jack football game.

The R Certificate Show

Episode 2.06
November 29, 1973

Aunty Jack presents the first X-rated television show, but because she can't find enough subjects beginning with 'X' she calls it The 'R' Certificate Show. In Wollongong, Norman Gunston reveals the Wollongong Sex Horror Scandal. There's the final of the world all-in tag-wrestling match between brothers Eric and Luigi and a well-known family, Kev Kavanagh in London goes Andy Warhol and the team go to Camp Chloe to learn how to become practising homosexuals.


Aunty Jack Rox On

June 08, 1973


Aunty Jack Introduces Colour

February 28, 1975

Aired as the ABC transitioned to colour broadcasts.

Aunty Jack's Wollongong the Brave

Aunty Jack 'n' The Gong in Bloody Concert

December 01, 1975

Live footage from the 1974 National Concert Tour. Aunty Jack and Thin Arthur foil Kid Eager's attempts to steal the Golden Glove and control the show.

Kev Kevanagh — Beyond the Infinite

May 23, 1975

The history of the world, as seen through the eyes of a butcher. Kev goes creatively out of control under the influence of meat when his Dad turns into a veggie.

The Farrelly Brothers — Three Men, a Sheep and Their Music

December 08, 1975

Country and Mediterranean music exponents, the Farrelley's and their singing sheep Jason, travel to New York City to seek fame, fortune and fodder.

Norman Gunston — The Golden Weeks

March 21, 1975

Norman Gunston, Wollongong's only reporter, is mysteriously kidnapped by the Chinese? What do they plan to do with the "Gong's" secret weapon?