Produced by Pacific Film Productions

Producer: Roger Mirams
Directors Roger Mirams, David Baker, ...
Writers: John Sherman, Joe McCormick, Chris Dale, ...

Aired: 1960/1964 (Nine/ABC)

The Terrific Adventures of the Terrible Ten, also known as The Adventures of the Terrible Ten, told the adventures of a group of children who create their own town with their own set of rules. The original episodes were re-edited and, along with new footage, broadcast on the ABC as The Ten Again (1964). A feature film, Funny Things Happen Down Under, followed in 1965. (52x10min)
Gary Gray
Rodney Pearlman
David Morgan
Michael Shmith
Russell McDonald
Joanne Mirams
Linda Keane
Rhonda Larter
Debbie McMillan
Karen Trott
Gavin Ellis

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