An Australian Broadcasting Corporation/British Broadcasting Corporation co-production

Created by: Lavinia Warner
Producers: Vere Lorrimer and Ken Riddington
Writers: Paul Wheeler, Jill Hyem, Anne Valery
Directors: David Askey, Michael Owen Morris, Pennant Roberts, Jeremy Summers, David Tucker

Aired: 1981–1982

"In the first series, a group of English women in 1941 Singapore are shipwrecked while they try to escape the Japanese invasion, and are captured and put in a prison camp. They and their Dutch companions must all make drastic adjustments to and discoveries about their lives. In the second series, the group is moved to a new camp with a completely new pecking order and a particularly vicious camp leader. At the beginning of the third series, the prisoners are liberated and must re-adjust themselves to live in Singapore, in the aftermath of the war." - Kathy Li
Anne BellMarian Jefferson
Stephanie ColeBeatrice Mason
Patricia LawrenceSister Ulrica
Emily BoltonChristina Campbell
Jean AndersonJocelyn Holbrook
Elizabeth ChambersMrs. Van Meyer
Claire ObermanKate Norris
Burt KwoukCapt. Yamauchi
Stephanie BeachamRose Millar
Louise JamesonBlanche Simmons
Renee AshersonSylvia Ashburton
Jeananne CrowleyNellie Keene
Karin FoleyDebbie Bowen
Elspet GrayPhyllis Bristow
Joanna HoleSally Markham
Takashi KawaharaShinya
Sabu KimuraTanaka/Lt. Nakamura
Eiji KusuharaLt. Sato
Anna LindupDaisy Robertson
Rosemary MartinVerna Johnson
Elizabeth MickeryMaggie Thorpe
Jonathan NewthClifford Jefferson
Takahiro ObaKasaki/Shigawo
Ann QueensberryJudith Bowen
Veronica RobertsDorothy Bennett
Cindy ShelleyAlice Courtenay
Damien ThomasJake Haulter
Philippa UrquhartLillian Cartland
Josephine WelcomeMiss Hasan
Kenji AndoSergeant
Peter BensonJim
Stuart BlakeSecond Petty Officer
Helen BlatchMrs. Briggs
Mona BruceDoctor
Eliza BuckinghamMrs. Harris
Beryl CookeMrs. Vance
Paul CopleyP.O.W.
Nicolas CorryBobby
Ivor DanversJack Armstrong
Oliver Ford DaviesPriest
Gregory De PolnayJohnny Saunders
Edna Dor?Edna
Colin DunnCorporal Jackson
Michael DyerballStudio Manager
Mike EllesShipping Clerk
Ronald EngDolah
Athene FieldingMadge Pritchard
Maggie FordJoy Kettlewell
Jimmy FungNative Man
Jeremy GittinsBrian Thomas
David GoodersonMajor Sims
Stephen GordonColonel Smithers
John GrahamHospital Administrator
Nigel GreavesHarry Alderston-Bennett
Jeffrey HardySimon Treves
Johanna HargreavesCherry
Nigel HarmanTimmy
Jane HaywardEnid
David HenryShip's Captain
Roy HerrickHotel Manager
Daniel HillTom Redburn
Jennifer HillLily Jenkins
Michael HuaJapanese Officer
Lindsay IngramCynthia James
Betsan JonesNun
Chua Kah JooJo
Dawn KeelerJoan
Kristopher KumGeneral Shimojo
Edward LangdonFirst Petty Officer
Isabel LansdaleMilly
Robert LeeMr. Ling
Michael LeesColonel Jackson
Susie LeongLia
Kay Tong LimChinese Policeman/Soldier
Barbara Yu LingMay
Preston LockwoodStephen Wentworth
Michael LoneyJournalist
Kenneth MacDonaldCorporal
Sylvia MarriottMrs. Wilson
Julia McCarthyReverend Mother
Pamela MerrickPolly Huntley
Zienia MertonNun
Mellan MitchellBank Clerk
Alan MockSailor
Charles MorganMr. Wilson
Albert MosesDr. Singh
Rangit NakaraBank Teller
Isobil NisbetMrs. Johnson
Yutaka OhiraMito
Stephen OxleyLieutenant Curtis
Edmund PeggeBernard Webster
Pauline PetersMinah
Anne RidlerMrs. Fraser
Carolle RousseauNatalie Trier
John RowePoliceman
Andrew SharpHarry Milne
Peter SilverleafYukio
Octavia TatenJane
Kerry ToveySuzy
James WalkerVicar
Shelagh WilcocksBetty
Wendy WilliamsVicky Armstrong
John WilliamsonCaptain Brooks
Sheb WooleySailor
Maya WoolfeGerda
Sonia WoolleySister Pickering
Ric YoungFather Lim

An Australian Broadcasting Corporation/British Broadcasting Corporation co-production

Producer: Ken Riddington
Writers: Jill Hyem, Anne Valery, Lavinia Warner
Director: Michael Owen Morris

Aired: 1985 (110 minute telemovie)

It's 1950, and the British, Australian, and Dutch women who were imprisoned together in Japanese camps during WWII remember their promise to have a ten-year reunion in Singapore. Everybody's lives have moved on and changed, and each member of the group must reconcile herself to the changes that being a prisoner has made upon her life. Plans to stay in the country at Dominica's plantation, however, are disrupted when Communist bandits hold them at gunpoint and suddenly everybody's back in familiar territory, and wondering who the traitor among them is… - Kathy Li
Anne BellMarion Jefferson
Stephanie ColeDr. Beatrice Mason
Veronica RobertsDorothy Bennett
Elizabeth ChambersDominica Forster-Brown
Patricia LawrenceSister Ulrica
Emily BoltonChristina Campbell
Claire ObermanKate Norris
Elizabeth MickeryMaggie Carter
Cindy ShelleyAlice Courtenay
Damien ThomasJake Haulter
Preston LockwoodStephen Wentworth
Robert LangTeddy Forster-Brown
Swee Hoe LimLau Peng
Bernard GallagherMr. Courtenay
Christian RodskaDuncan Fraser
Kay Tong LimBandit Leader
Lim Kay SiuBandit
Jimmy Tan Gek HuaBandit
Jamaluddin JalilPoliceman
Lee Keok HunChinese Shopkeeper
P. SivakumarRaffles Receptionist

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